Get a Boost From Email Marketing This Holiday Season

11 tips for writing holiday themed emails

The holiday season seems to start earlier each year; which gives businesses more chances to generate revenue.

If you’re retailing this holiday season, be aware that there is a lot of competition. You need to stick out in your communications or get lost in the clutter.

Don’t wait until Black Friday is upon us to start your holiday promotions. Prepare in advance by outlining your email calendar with the products you will promote and then practice your email copywriting.

Although it’s always a season of giving with free tips presented each day here at the Mequoda Daily, I wanted to outline some specific tips for creating holiday season themed email promotions.

Three tips for holiday season themed email subject lines

Holiday season themed email subject line tip #1: Participate in this time of giving. We are not strangers to promoting the free-on-free principle of content marketing. “Free” is an eye-catching word, and if you have an offer of value, you will likely experience a solid open rate. Promoting for relevant products through in-line text ads, banners or side navigation bars is fair game as long as you stay true to providing the free gift.

Holiday season themed email subject line tip #2: Be direct and keep the subject line short. Being too wordy may lead to your holiday-related messages to be truncated by email service providers. Present your most relevant holiday content first to draw attention and persuade your recipients to open.

Holiday season themed email subject line tip #3: Use the Urgency email subject line archetype. Since the holidays don’t last forever, it’s safe to use elements of urgency in your subject line. If you offer one-day sales or offer specific holiday items, the urgency email subject line archetype could help you get more clicks. Here’s an example:

-Save 50% on Holiday Decorations Today Only

Holiday season themed email subject line tip #4: Utilize the How-To email subject line archetype. Audience members always want to learn new information, especially if it’s enjoyable and can enhance their holiday season. Here’s an example:

-How To Entertain Guests at Your Holiday Gatherings

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Holiday season themed email subject line tip #5: The Question email subject line archetype. People love to give opinions and engage with topics of interest. Provide them with an email subject line that gets them involves. For instance:

-How do you celebrate the holidays? Answer for a chance to win
-Do You Want to Make this Christmas Memorable?

Holiday season themed email subject line tip #6: The Command email subject line archetype. Don’t get too forceful with your words, but a simple call to action like the line before might work with your audience.

-Buy this Year’s Top Gifts Now

Holiday season themed email subject line tip #7: The Reason Why email subject line archetype. Present you audience with some reasons why they should open your email and they might just do so.

-3 Reasons Why This Holiday Sale Trumps Black Friday Deals

Don’t forget about going beyond the email subject line. Getting opens is the first part of the equation, but you need to have great content within your email. Staying on the holiday theme, here are a few additional tips for more effective holiday emails.

-Be sensitive to different cultures and religions.
-Lead with your most significant information pertaining to sales, coupons, deadlines or information.
-Consult a list of spam trigger words to assure better deliverability. We have a great list you can refer to.
-Since this season only comes once a year, be sure to test your email subject lines for best results.

Will you be participating in sending holiday themed emails? What types of subject lines will you be using? Please share in the comments below. And throughout this season, please share the holiday theme subject lines you come across with the rest of the community here, in case people are looking for inspiration.


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