How to go a Step Further in Social Media Marketing

Begin converting attention into action

There is a fine line that must be respected in the world of social media marketing. This line divides the social aspect and community access with the desire to market products. This line can be walked however, with the right amount of thought and attention.

Companies often have specific social media strategies, but they don’t always include measurable goals. Furthermore, many companies even have a hard time with engagement through conversation. For those trying to create relationships and succeed in social media, an objective needs to be clearly defined, the audience has to be engaged and interested in your topics and conversion sciences needs to be involved.


You may be thinking, “What is conversion science?” According to a recent article from Mashable, conversion science is “essentially the study of converting impressions into actions and how to then improve engagement and conversion rates over time.”

Understand conversion science and you can begin achieving results that will help you bring more meaning to your social media campaigns.

To learn how to convert attention into desirable outcomes, read the original article from Mashable.


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