Refreshing SEO Strategies after Panda Update

Review your audience development strategies after this recent Google change

Google unleashed another round of Panda updates last Monday. Google confirmed the update and announced that less than one percent of search queries were affected. This update has had less impact than past algorithm changes, particularly the Penguin update.

This update marks Google Panda version 3.9.1. The last update Google Panda 3.9 went live on July 24. If this pattern continues, we may see another Panda update around the end of September.

It’s clear that anyone who owns a website, or manages one, wants to avoid penalties from Google algorithm changes. Fixing problems causing penalties can be time- and resource-consuming. They may also lead to a loss of audience members and revenue.

The consistent updates being made by Google should not be taken lightly. Consider the amount of traffic Google sends your website. Is it 60-70 percent of your total website traffic? I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. Google is a major traffic sender for websites heavily focused on search engine optimization. And although it’s important to diversify your traffic sources, it’s also hard to pass up the possibilities afforded by Google.

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We recommend conducting SEO audits to avoid penalties from Google. Here are some questions to ask during an SEO audit:

– How well is the content optimized?

– What keywords are you covering?

– Are there gaps in your keyword coverage?

– How does existing content perform in search engines?

– How do users accept your content? Do they stay on your site long?

For more elaboration on these questions, take a look at this article.


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