Social Media Followers More Likely to Buy

Engagement with audience members via social networks can lead to better relationships

Every online publisher utilizing social media should love when data comes out showing value behind the activity.

For a while, online publishers were skeptical about using social media. They were not sure if it was worth their time or their employees’ time. Then, they started using it as social media become popular, yet many were still unsure of the real reasons for using social media.

Fortunately, many online research companies conduct surveys and monitor metrics to determine social media behaviors. One recent report, from ROI Research, discusses the power of social media connections.

Loyalty behind social networks

Facebook Loyalty: According to an eMarketer article, 32% of US social network users who engage with brands on Facebook considered themselves to be “at least somewhat more loyal” to the brands they were fans of. This statistic was from 2010. In 2011, the percentage has gone up to 34%.

Twitter Loyalty: In 2010, Fans following brands on Twitter reported being 40% more loyal to the brand they followed. This number has gone up to 46% in 2011.

Those respondents who disagreed with being more loyal to brands they follow on Twitter dropped between 2010 and 2011, from 21% to 13%.

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More social media stats

Facebook and Twitter users who follow brands via social media are the type of brand ambassadors companies should develop relationships with. This is true, as at least half of the users reported being more likely to recommend or purchase from the company.

Twitter users outscored Facebook users when it came to overall engagement. Twitter users were also more willing to attend events hosted by the brands and link to ads for products.

If you are looking for more social media stats, this article shares data from research conducted by InboxQ. It includes information about why engaging on Twitter is valuable to publishers.


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