Social Media Functionality Discussed at Bootcamp

Hands-on Twitter workshop provides up-to-date techniques

One of the hands-on workshops at our upcoming Digital Publishing Workshop is entitled Unlocking the Power of Twitter. It will take place on Wednesday, July 18th at the McGraw-Hill Conference Center in New York City.

Our conversation on Twitter has evolved over the years. We began by suggesting online publishers and content marketers take advantage of the microblogging site so they could find and facilitate conversations that relate to their content. We also suggested that tweeting your articles will lead to more website traffic.

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Twitter has certainly caught on with the savviest online users who seek content and crave conversation with like-minded audiences. Now, we’ve gone beyond the basics of Twitter and present clearly defined strategies that are being used to generate more website traffic.

I’ve seen it work; other online publishers have seen it work. Now it’s your turn to get versed in the power of Twitter so you too can receive more traffic and build another list of interested audience members. Register now for the Digital Publishing Bootcamp and prepare yourself for a three-day intensive, providing information on all the aspects necessary for success in digital publishing.


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