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Tag: Content Marketers

Content marketers understand the delicate combination of editorial and marketing language. They use great content to upsell audience members into buying more comprehensive pieces of content, often in different mediums. Content marketing is popular online as it allows for free sampling of content before any sale is attempted.

The 3 Keys to Success for Multiplatform Publishers

When we look at the most successful multiplatform publishers we know intimately, like our publishing partners and close colleagues, we are usually able to determine what sets them apart from publishing companies that struggle.

Even within our own Mequoda ecosystem, we have more than 60 special interest media websites, serving more than seven million daily email subscribers. Each month, our network welcomes more than 40 million website visitors. But these websites don’t all run the same. Just like Ferrari, we can build the same car for everyone, but some win a lot more races. So why is that?

How Can You Improve Engagement as a Publisher?

This week we’re focusing on engagement, in How Can Engagement (E) Be Improved? The ‘E’ in the Mequoda Method’s ACEM, is really about retention, and the idea that if you’re a subscription-based publisher, that the link with relationship with your customer is key.

How to Measure Domain Authority and Improve it without PageRank

Link-building. It seems like that term is as old as the marketable internet. Since publishers have been developing content, we have known that we need traffic to our websites, and that inbound links are the way to do it. As Google came along and trained us on their search optimization best practices, link-building became even more important because it affects how we rank in search engines and we were able to measure domain authority along the way.

Digital Magazines in the Time of Branded Content

Study shows trust in branded content; Bloomberg proves value of branded content; Digital magazines aided by branded content from major publisher
Content marketers, digital magazines and publishers are turning towards branded content to build better partnerships and audiences. We look at three stories for a glimpse at branded content’s influence currently.

Let’s begin today with some recent data on

Creating Multiplatform Products: What to Sell, What to Give Away

Online content marketing is antithetical to anything we knew prior to 20 years ago — something Seth Godin terms interruption marketing. Everything I learned in college and during my early career, whether space ads, TV commercials or direct response, employed hardcore, confrontational marketing messages.

Audience Development in the Age of Digital Video

Audience development is a major umbrella term online. There are a variety of ways online publishers develop audiences online, from content partnerships and social media to email and press releases. Today we’re taking a look at the use of digital video as an audience development tool, and media brands that are engaging with it.

7 Audience Development Resolutions for 2017

Intent, alignment, and engagement take the stage in 2017 for audience development professionals

I don’t know about you, but I’m eager to see how audience development changes in 2017. Over the last year I’ve seen content marketers in particular get aggressive with link building again. Not just through spam commenting (boo!) but also guest blogging (yay!)

Syndication: An Audience Development Strategy Used Carefully

When syndication is used for audience development, magazine publishers should be wary of duplicate content
Publishers have a long history of building audiences around specific topics, or niches. But the internet economy changed the audience development model significantly. Many of the traditional practices still work, but the digital economy requires a more expansive, and agile, approach

Mobile Pop-Ups, Interstitial Ads Could Cost You Google Visibility

Now here’s a monster development from those diabolical search masters at Google: A couple of weeks back, news broke that the company would be cracking down on mobile pop-ups and interstitial ads. What kind of cracking down, you ask? The only kind that counts – the kind that keeps consumers, readers, and potential subscribers frrom seeing your content in search.

Publishing Analytics News From PubExec Live Summit

Checking out the latest publishing analytics news from all data points
Publishing analytics have assumed a prominent role here at Mequoda, where we’re focusing more and more resources on staff, development, and technology.

We’re not alone. The digital publishing industry is clamoring around publishing analytics, because they provide insights into one of, if not the, most important

How B2B Magazines Can Thrive on the Internet of Things

Mastering what the Internet of Things offers can go a long way for B2B magazines when it comes to driving revenue; plus, publishers’ archives, Facebook Instant Articles, and more
There’s a reason we count so many B2B magazines among our Mequoda Members: They’re niche, they know how to stick to a plan while also experimenting, and

Republishing Content the Right Way

Recently, media site The Verge hired a position for someone who will basically take some of their content and republish it on other user-generated publishing platforms like Medium and LinkedIn Pulse.

If you’re a SEO-savvy publisher, you’re probably thinking, “what are they, crazy? Have they lost their darn marbles?”

Well, truthfully, Verge aren’t exactly getting eyeballs based on SEO anyway— they’re a news site (ie: they work harder for the same eyeballs as evergreen publishers……oh, burn.)

The Best SEO Software for Niche Publishers

Mequoda reveals the best SEO software publishers can use to extend the life of all their articles — more effortlessly.

Brands as Publishers: What Can They Learn From Digital Magazines?

With LinkedIn, content marketing, and other opportunities for audience development, brands as publishers are in a position to flourish
Brands as publishers, publishers as brands … given the digital media evolution and the state of the industry, does the nomenclature even matter anymore? We tend to think not, but the fact remains that publishers have been

What Content Marketing Strategy Looks Like for Publishers

In the second decade of the 21st century, the online publishing environment is not only changing dramatically, it’s changing at a faster rate than we ever could have anticipated.

In a mere 20+ years, since the dawn of the commercial Internet, we’ve experienced a genuine paradigm shift in content marketing. That’s because magazines, newsletters, books, audio and video content now can be digitized and delivered online, as well as marketed on websites and via email.

Subscription Websites: What’s Your Minimum Information Unit?

How many types of websites are there on the world wide web of sites?

At one time we were watching new ones popping up every day. But in the past few years, we’ve identified a solid nine subscription website archetypes for publishers to consider, depending on their business goals and their content. I’ve posted about all of the six premium (paid) models in the past few months.

Red Bull Magazine Makes Big Digital Push

Red Bull Media House has redesigned its website with an emphasis on integrating The Red Bulletin, the company’s successful print product targeting 18- to 34-year-olds, to showcase its “online storytelling” and attract ad buyers to the platform.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Led by Forbes

Forbes continues its bid for world digital magazine dominance by topping the 10 most influential global brands on LinkedIn.

Modern SEO Press Release Guidelines [+ Video]

Utilizing proven SEO press release guidelines can translate into more website traffic and member conversions

Content Marketing for Digital Publishing Consultants

“So what exactly does Mequoda Group do for a living?” people ask us.

I have been involved in Internet marketing and publishing since 1995, when I was running an agency called Blue Dolphin Direct—primarily a print direct marketing and editorial consulting firm for a variety of magazine and newsletter clients. It was during that time when the folks at ComputerWorld had the revolutionary idea that we could sell subscriptions to their print magazine via the Internet. The program took about eight months to develop and was successful, in that we were able to sell print subs at a cost per order of about $65—a little below their average cost per order via direct mail. And that was the beginning of our journey.

Top 10 Audience Development Strategy Posts of 2013

Audience development is a fundamental part of online publishing. Our top ten audience development strategy posts dive into search engine optimization, email marketing, social media and the website conversion architecture necessary for building an online audience. They were the most viewed posts in these categories that we published in 2013. Enjoy!

Mequoda Weekly: April 29nd, 2013 – May 3, 2013

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Mequoda Weekly: April 22nd, 2013 – April 26th, 2013

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Content Marketing Strategy

A proven roadmap to Internet publishing success, in 90 minutes

Stop guessing: Learn the Mequoda strategies that have earned millions for others

Week in Review: December 10th, 2012 – December 14th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Digital Content Marketing Trends for 2013

Digital content marketing drives surge in digital product sales for publishers

While many organizations have discovered the power of digital content marketing to sell products and services, perhaps no organizations are being impacted like the publishers of books, magazines, newsletters and videos.

Only 5 Seats Remain for the Audience Development Summit

Register now to join an elite group of publishers, CEOs, content marketers and editors as we teach how to build online audiences

If you don’t take your organization to the next digital level right now, it may be too late.

With new media options developing almost daily, and consumers demanding change, you must reach these consumers, develop relationships with them, and drive their attention to your body of content and the premium products you offer.

Twitter Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged

7 ways to reach your Twitter potential

What does your Twitter strategy consist of?

I’d imagine you are at least tweeting the title of each article you publish and adding a link to the content. Doing so is a great way to build your audience based on the topics you cover. However, our research has shown that using interesting quotes, tips or facts from within the article is more effective than headlines.

The Top 9 Reasons to Register now for the Audience Development Summit 2012

Join the dozens of attendees who have already registered for the Mequoda Audience Development Summit 2012

The Audience Development Summit 2012 will be a unique experience shared by dozens of knowledgeable professionals.

There has never been a better lineup, as CEOs, publishers, and marketers prepare to give presentations on how they’ve managed their digital success.

Digital media & the future: Meet digital publishing superstars

A rare opportunity to learn from the best in digital publishing

Many publishers of digital media will spend their entire careers and never meet the stars of their industry, let alone learn their secrets. This is your chance to avoid that fate. Mequoda’s Audience Development Summit 2012 delivers two of these stars, and if you’re there, you’ll learn digital publishing solutions to all your problems.

Understanding Google Analytics

In 90-minutes, learn which metrics really matter

Are You Semantically Prepared?

Google’s work with semantic search may lead to better results

Google will continuously work to improve search and create content areas for everything. In case you missed the May’s roll out of Google’s Knowledge Graph for semantic search, here’s some information on the topic.

As MIT’s Technology Review states, “The Knowledge Graph can be thought of as a vast database that allows Google’s software to connect facts on people, places, and things to one another.”

SEO Preparedness: Focus on Audience Engagement

Tips on appeasing Google Penguin’s algorithmic changes

Google changes have been a popular topic as of late throughout the industry. Digital publishers and content marketers seeking safety from the wrath of Google have a few options.

There are numerous SEO professionals studying the effects of Google’s algorithmic changes and the reasons why websites get hit so hard. These penalties sometimes account for a loss in over 80% of overall website traffic.

A New Tool for Audience Development

As the managing editor and lead audience development professional of a digital publication, I’ve come to utilize a variety of audience development tools. Search engine optimization, in particular, has been very beneficial for me. However, the most valuable audience development tool is something I only recently started using.

This tool is inherently for professionals who have a hand in managing overall content strategy; the topics being targeted and the keyword phrases being used in the process. It also relies on the content marketers favorite product – the free report.

The Difference Between An Email Copywriter and an SEO Copywriter

Copywriting was once a very coveted skill. Writers would hone their skills for years to develop the right mix of storytelling and emotion grabbing writing that sells a product.

However, after the Internet grew, developed, and became a medium for commerce, the need for copywriters grew. This brought a variety of other professionals to the craft – including online editors, content marketers, and audience development professionals.

Your Email Marketing Campaigns Are Doomed…

If you aren’t able to catch your audience’s attention

Depending on the sources you believe, people spend between 2.6 and 30 seconds on the email you send them. Hopefully your efforts are able to create more engagement than these reported numbers.

However, a lot of engagement through email isn’t always the case. People receive dozens of email messages each day. Some of these are information-based or deal-based, while others are purely promotional pieces aiming to create a sale.

Did Facebook Convince You to Start Buying Ads Too?

According to Peter Kafka on All Things Digital, Facebook brought in 3.15 billion ad dollars last year, saying that “revenue increased, in part because it served up 42 percent more ads, and in part because it was able to charge an average of 18 percent more for each ad it served.”

And right before last week’s big Facebook announcement, Kafka predicted that Facebook was “still selling the sellers, trying to convince them to send real money — Google-sized money, or better yet, TV-sized money — their way.”

What Are Your Goals on Facebook?

All industries have best practices for setting up their Facebook page

What is the focus of your company’s Facebook page? Are you using it to share content or promote weekly deals? Do you have a lot of interaction taking place on your page?

Before diving into Facebook, some publishers sat with their staff and came up with a list of goals they wanted to achieve by using Facebook. Did you do this before launching your page?

Refocusing Your Online Editors

A change that editorial directors need to pay attention to

Put an online editor job underneath a microscope; what do you see?

The initial look shows a content creator; someone who understands subject matter, and ideally, is passionate about the topic. Online editors are able to churn on content that is informative and thought provoking on a regular basis.

Social Media Functionality Discussed at Bootcamp

Hands-on Twitter workshop provides up-to-date techniques

One of the hands-on workshops at our upcoming Digital Publishing Workshop is entitled Unlocking the Power of Twitter. It will take place on Wednesday, July 18th at the McGraw-Hill Conference Center in New York City.

Our conversation on Twitter has evolved over the years. We began by suggesting online publishers and content marketers take advantage of the microblogging site so they could find and facilitate conversations that relate to their content. We also suggested that tweeting your articles will lead to more website traffic.

Using Blog Content to Build Your Professional Network

What do you look for on LinkedIn? When finding professionals with interesting backgrounds and skill sets, do you go beyond the marketing buzzwords and look for the ideas they have to share?

Professionals who develop blogs have a better, more concrete chance to show people who they are through their written words. And although the Internet is filled with a variety of blogs on a variety of topics, writers who understand the process of creating search engine optimized blog content can help audience members find their content.

3 Digital Magazine App Pitfalls

Many digital magazine apps are still underperforming due to some of the following reasons

With growth in the tablet industry, digital magazine publishing offers a significant opportunity. Unfortunately, the publishers and content marketers who have created inferior digital apps are currently missing this evolutionary opportunity.

Week in Review: January 16th, 2012 – January 20th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Creating Engagement and Sharing Your Content

5 actions for creating engagement discussed at Bootcamp

Online publishers and content marketers are taking numerous strides to share their engaging content.

A few of these will be discussed during our Digital Content Marketing Bootcamp in New York City on January 24th. This one-day intensive is designed to help online publishers and content marketers start, run and prioritize their digital transformation.

Creating an Email Performance Report

Email is a multifaceted tool for online publishers and content marketers. It can be used to deliver editorial e-newsletters, product promotions and week-in-review compilations.

Ideally, professionals use this medium to help facilitate revenue-generating transactions. However, email is another tool for brand recognition, which allows publishers to stay on the minds of their recipients, even if purchases aren’t made initially.

Digital Native Survey – Web Usage Habits [Video]

This segment from the Digital Native Survey reinforces the power of the Internet

How many hours do you spend on the Internet each day? This is the question asked to our Digital Native respondents in the following video.

Obviously, someone’s profession plays part in this answer. For online publishers, content marketers, online editors and social media marketers, the Internet is their virtual office. Entire working days are spent online; interacting and discovering relevant information for running an online business.

3 Top Email Articles from 2011

The Mequoda Daily serves as our collaboration between research, insight and case studies designed to help online publishers, content marketers and online business owners understand the evolving digital environment better.

The five to seven articles published daily have become training tools that teach how to sell more products, write better email newsletters, experience higher conversion rates, utilize social media and optimize your content for search engines.

The Blog-Email Connection

Establishing a blog-centric URL structure creates a home for your content and establishes your content marketing system in a manner that is subscriber-centric as you’re actively asking visitors to subscribe to your email updates, social networks and RSS feed.

From the beginning, blogs have been platforms for social interaction and content sharing. These same principles exist today, and help further develop your brands reach into the lives of your subscribers.

Humanizing Your Email Marketing Efforts

Tips for connecting with your audience

The digital landscape is unique and amazing in terms of communication abilities. There is a vast world of knowledge and entertainment online that can keep people engaged for hours.

As the usage of this medium increases and more opportunities become available online, it’s important that we as online business professionals help create a more connected, personal and humane environment. This is especially true for online businesses attempting to reach their customers.

Week in Review: November 28th, 2011 – December 2nd, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week