The Best SEO Copywriting Is Emotional Copywriting

Capture their heart and the sale will follow

Capture their heart and the sale will follow

Capture their heart and the sale will follow

Every so often, I receive a direct mail sales letter for some random product. Funny thing is, I find myself analyzing it and picking it apart. What did they do right? What did they do wrong? Would I buy this product?

Do you do that? I thought it was just me. My father has been in the advertising/marketing business for as long as I can remember. My first summer job was at his office processing direct mail cards and subscription renewals.

With rising postage fees and more companies going online, I receive fewer and fewer direct mail sales letters. I miss those stories they’d tell. You know how “this product changed my life…” stories that long sales letters were famous for.

The fact is, those stories captured our attention and our hearts. They have been driven, almost, out of existence. Too bad, emotional copywriting is hands down the best SEO copywriting and we’ve got the stats to prove it.

In A/B split tests, sales letters with great stories often win 30 to 50 percent over product letters, half-price offers, premium offers, urgency appeals and simple direct response techniques.

I am happy to report that emotional copywriting is making a comeback and you too can master this art form online.

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Six steps to creating emotional copywriting

  1. Isolate a compelling need that the product meets.
  2. Engage the prospective customer in a statement that crystallizes that need in his or her mind.
  3. Claim to meet that need with your product.
  4. Prove your claim with facts, statistics, examples, testimonials, photos and illustrations.
  5. Present your story with an appropriate voice in a clear design that reinforces the message.
  6. Ask for the order.

You must understand your audience and identify with your target demographic. Emotional copywriting can be powerful. It trumps the competition and dramatically increases response rates for email and landing pages.

Conclusion: SEO copywriting gets the traffic and emotional copywriting gets the sale – a winning combo!


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