The Importance of Clarity in SEO

Are you using the best words to help your audience find your content?

It’s no surprise that words are powerful.

Without words, none of us would be able to communicate concepts, express ourselves or create relationships. Our society would not be able to function.

Online, the impact of words is specifically important; especially as search engines are improved to focus on high-quality content. Google is currently leading that race, particularly after starting to release Panda algorithm updates. Web pages with high-quality content are getting ranked more, and offending websites with low-quality content and strong optimization have been penalized.

In order to allow your content to be attractive to both search engines and audience members, you need to use the right words by calling the content exactly what it is.

When people come to your website by searching for certain words, they realize they are in the right place.

According to Matt Bailey, Founder and President of SiteLogic, it takes less than 10 seconds for Internet searchers to determine if they want to stay on a site. They quickly scroll the page to realize if they’re at the location containing they keywords they are looking for. If so, they realize the possibility that the content they seek is on the page.

When you are clear in communicating what’s on the page, you allow people to involve themselves with the page’s content. Don’t go beyond simple clarity in the digital landscape or you’ll likely miss out on communicating with your audience.

Remember, simple words can create or remove clarity within your content. Using simple words that clarify your content can open a window for people who you want on your site, just as using the wrong simple words will make you miss your target audience very easily.

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An example of being clear with keyword phrases

To help display my point, I want to discuss an example of clarity from our analytics.

The keyword phrase I’m referring to is “spam trigger words”. Our content that targets this keyword phrase informs readers about the type of words that will prevent an email from going through to the inbox. This information is very important to all email marketers who communicate with their audiences through email correspondence.

In this situation, some content providers may go after the keyword phrase “spam words” instead of “spam trigger words” as we have done. Adding the word “trigger” helps add clarity to the keyword phrase.

Additionally, it allows us to do two things. First, by adding the word “trigger”, we are targeting a much more niche keyword phrase. Searchers looking for this term are more clear on what they will find, opposed to a website using the term “spam words”. Second, since “spam trigger words” is a longer keyword phrase than “spam words”, there is a much better chance of ranking on this keyword phrase. Ranking on it allows us to find our core audience much easier.

Are you being clear enough with your SEO keyword phrases? Take a look at them, and determine whether or not you’re able to add clarifying words.

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