The Internal Ways to Build Email Circulation

As the Internet grows, more strategies for building email circulation develop.

These strategies are either internal or external, meaning they are executed on your site or away from it. All of the external strategies use your site as a focal point, as they send traffic directly back to it.

Internal strategies for building email circulation should be present on all of your web pages in any of the following forms:

-Banner ads. If you don’t offer advertisements from other companies, your prime real estate needs to be promoting your own products. At the Mequoda Daily, our banner ads promote for webinars and live events, although we could easily swap those out for free reports. Registration for any other those items would require an email address, which would build our circulation.

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-Inline text ads. In every article you publish, an inline text ad should promote for a free aligned product. Visitors would need to register with a valid email address in order to receive the free product.

-Free product market place. Putting all of your free content in one place could easily persuade a casual visitor to register with your website. Doing so would build your list and give the user the chance to receive as much of your free content as desired.

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