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I had a great conversation with Ryan Stillwell yesterday. He is the vice president of sales for Mortgage Success Source, LLC, and will be speaking at SIPA 2012, May 20-22, in Washington, D.C., with Rick Longenecker, another very successful sales executive. (This session on how to find good sales people, train them and work with them should be really valuable.)

Stillwell said that one of the keys to being able to help customers/members is finding out—early on—what they need. “You have to first evaluate what a company’s needs are—or really, let them evaluate their own needs.” This can both save a lot of time and home in on what exactly you can do for them. “Where are you coming up short? What are the top 4 or 5 things that matter to you?” Stillwell asked. “Because I may say social media and you might say that’s not our emphasis right now. So why waste time?”

Along these same lines, SIPA wants to know what content areas we can address that will help you the most. Or basically, what keeps you awake at night? So we have set up a short, quick survey for you to fill out on our website that will give us guidance going forward. Please take a look. Your responses will allow us to focus on what we do best in the areas that you need most. (The survey is set up for both members and non-members.)  Maybe it’s electronics (Lynn Freer of Spidell recently talked about their third time redoing the website as something keeping her up.), maybe its something you have to repeatedly do (Minal Bopaiah spoke of her excellent case studies) or maybe it’s a legal conundrum or personnel issue. Let us know.

“Networking and connecting people brings great things to life and changes the world,” Longenecker has said. This initiative fits snugly into what we are trying to focus on right now—getting conversation going, soliciting your input, and then finding the best experts and speakers available to address these issues (see the incredible group lined up for SIPA 2012) and providing actionable solutions.

Another way we have been doing this is through the Twitter Chats. They take place every Wednesday at 12 Eastern time. Just go to TweetChat, sign onto your Twitter account and enter the hashtag #NicheInfo. When we did video as a subject last month, I got a great top ten tips out of it. Today’s subject is copywriting for emails. Twitter Chats allow us to see how you’re dealing with a certain issue and where we can come in to help. Give it a shot today. Future subjects include How to Improve SEO, Apps Mobile 101 – the New Frontier, Marketing Automation and Thinking Digital First. But again, we will be looking to the survey to see what topics should be addressed—or tweeted on—in the future.

What was that good line from the film Jerry McGuire? No, not “You had me at hello”—though that is a good one. I got it: “Help me [or us in this case]…help you.” A bit clichéd but still appropriate. Here’s the survey link one more time. Oh, and check back on Monday for more of my talk with Stillwell about sales.


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