Twitter for Publishers Webinar: Two New Speakers Announced

Kathy McCabe, editor of the Dream of Italy newsletter and Shirley Brady, community editor of BusinessWeek join us to “talk Twitter”

The goal of our upcoming Twitter for Publishers webinar isn’t just to teach, it’s also to collaborate. When Don asked me to put together a webinar about Twitter, my first instinct was to “think social” and ask other publishers to join me.

Why? Because Twitter is still a new beast. There isn’t an exact science to post frequency, content delegation or profile setup. Depending on your audience, you can get away with different types of tweets.

Newspapers for example, are largely using Twitter as a glorified RSS feed. The reason why they can do this and still maintain a high follower count with little effort is because the people who subscribe to them know what they’re getting. When someone subscribes to a newspaper Twitter feed, like @nytimes, they know they’re getting news and only news.

This goes the same for non-publishers like @DellOutlet. When someone subscribes to one of the many Dell twitter feeds, they expect to receive deals on Dell products. Dell can also afford to only follow 24 other Twitter accounts. Those 24 other twitter accounts are also different departments of Dell.

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How niche publishers do it different

One of the speakers, Kathy McCabe, editor of the Dream of Italy newsletter has a much more engaged approach. She responds to tweets, tells people about travel deals, recommends other Italy websites and otherwise offers great content and conversation for her followers. Follow her at @DreamofItaly.

Another one of our speakers is Shirley Brady, community editor of BusinessWeek who has over 6k followers and regularly tweets articles, BusinessWeek company news and personal tidbits and stories from BusinessWeek’s bookmarking site, the BusinessExchange. Follow her at @shirleybrady and @bwbx.

By the way, if you’re a magazine or newsletter publisher who has a success story with Twitter and would like to join us as a speaker on the Twitter for Publishers webinar, please send me an email or contact me on Twitter at @mequoda.

Twitter for Publishers will be 90 minutes long, starting at 12:30 Eastern on July 29th.

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for our Twitter for Publishers webinar, go ahead and register today before our early-bird price expires.

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