Use TweetCharts to Discover More About Your Niche

There are too many social media tools for any one community manager to keep up with. Try Googling the word “unfollow” and you’ll find dozens of apps with the sole purpose of letting you know when people unfollow you, or help you automatically unfollow those who do. For every other marketing function, there are dozens more apps.

However, HubSpot, a company I trust and a company that Google trusts enough to invest in, comes out with some pretty good tools. Recently I’ve been playing around with their TweetCharts tool and wanted to share its usefulness for your job.

Using TweetCharts, you can enter a keyword or hashtag, and the program will tell you the top content and users that surround that keyword. For example, if I’m a health publisher looking for a social spectrum on the topic of diabetes, I can use this data to write up the following to-dos:

1. Seek out chats and conversations because only 27.63% of tweets about diabetes contain a link, which means 72.37% are conversation.

2. In fact, start looking for questions, because 11.01% of tweets about diabetes are questions looking for an answer.

3. Create easily re-tweetable and catchy tweets because 41.34% of diabetes tweets are retweets.

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4. Discover a way to create media because only 0.5% of tweets about diabetes contain photos or video.

5. Cater to a slightly more male audience because 55.03% of those who tweet about diabetes are male.

6. Think about sharing recipes because the second most used word in a tweet about diabetes is “cookie”.

7. Build relationships with @BadLuckMeme and @SrMoss because they tweet about diabetes more than anyone else.

8. If creating an app, start with the iPhone, because next to the web, iPhone is their second favored device.

9. Start adding #health, #family and #dsma to tweets about diabetes.

10. Get hip to media trends and viral videos in the diabetic community. This video about fruit and diabetes has been tweeted about most.

See the full report.

As you’ve seen, the tool could be used for more than just content suggestions. It can also help you define a social media strategy by finding competitors, deciding which platform to launch your app on, and discovering relevant hashtags to add to your tweets. These are all top goals for many publishers.

If you’ve found other ways to use this little tool, or have other tools you’d like to share, leave a comment!


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