A Forecast on Projected Global Tablet Sales

How many tablets do you think will be sold this year?

Whatever tablets are used for, be it business purposes or the personal consumption of content, the trend is expected to continue for years.

Apple’s iPad is surely a big part of this market and has been an integral part of sales, which are expected to reach 19.5 million units sold worldwide by the end of this year.

These statistics were released this month by technology and business researchers Gartner.

What is even more intriguing are the future numbers they are expecting for tablet sales. The image below shows the forecast for the next few years, and 2014 Gartner predicts 208 million units will be sold.

An article from CNET stressed that media tablets are valuable in the business world, but aren’t the only device available since notebooks and smartphones are already familiar commodities.

It’s expected that tablets will become more popular since they are intuitive and allow for a unique experience. Users from all age demographics can easily get the hang of the device.

What do you think of this forecast? Will there really be as many tablet devices sold as predicted? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And for more on this data, take a look at the article from CNET.

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