An Option for Publishing Digital Magazine Content

Digital publishers have seen apps come along that provide the option to publish digital content while also serving as a digital newsstand. Zinio and Apple’s Newsstand app are perfect examples.

However, there is another competitor, offering free and paid publications through its app as well.

MediaWire is this app, and it offers a quick trip to the mobile market as free publications can be uploaded and ready within an hour. Paid content takes longer, as it needs to be approved by Apple first.

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Currently, MediaWire is only available for iOS devices, with support for Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile coming later in 2012.

The starting cost for uploading content is $100. For paid content, there is a profit sharing model much like other apps, where the publisher receives 60%, Apple gets its 30% cut, and MediaWire takes 10%.

This pricing scenario may not be completely desirable to a lot of publishers since there is that additional 10% that they miss out on. However, since time to market is short, and there are enticing features in the Publisher Portal, some publishers may decide to use MediaWire as a full-service digital publishing app.


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