Analyzing Media Habits of Digital Natives

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp will provide an exclusive look at survey results from digital natives

Positioning your business to satisfy the media consumption habits of digital natives – those born after 1980 – is critical to sustaining success.

And regardless of the technological adoption that has taken place with many digital immigrants, digital natives are still a very unique group of content consumers and customers.


Now, do to the size and spending power of this group, digital publishers need to learn the habits of this demographic so they can adequately plan for the future. It’s expected that by 2017, millennials will be the biggest consumer group. We all need to learn early how to communicate and market to them properly.

Do you know how digital natives view honesty and integrity of businesses? Do you know how they stay in touch with friends and consume content? Do you know their habits when it comes to subscribing to email newsletters, digital and print magazines?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, join us at the Digital Publishing Bootcamp this summer for an eye-opening presentation on the media habits of Digital Natives.


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