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Washington Times Launches New Digital Magazine ‘American CurrentSee’

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Tomorrow, The Washington Times will launch American CurrentSee, “a free weekly digital magazine for conservative black Americans. The magazine, available at, aims to empower its readers to embrace an agenda of economic opportunity, moral leadership and freedom from government dependency,” says the Times.

The new digital magazine “is built on a mobile-friendly HTML 5 platform that works on laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones and re-creates the intimate reading experience of a newsmagazine while leveraging the capabilities of mobile devices. It can also be installed on desktops like an app. The Times plans to offer official apps in Google and Apple stores this spring,” according to their own report.

It’s getting the full support of the team, too. “The Washington Times is providing American CurrentSee with editorial, technological, marketing and sales support.”

Read the full story on The Washington Times.



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