What’s Really at Stake in Digital Publishing and Digital Marketing

We all need to understand the importance of the digital paradigm shift

The new digital publishing and digital marketing environment is certainly a place of exploration. Tried and true strategies associated with print won’t necessarily work the same in digital. Publishers need to take advantage of the new opportunity in front of them and discover how to make digital work for them.

Although this environment is new to publishers, consumers have high expectations. There is no room for error in their minds. Chris Rechtsteiner from BlueLoop Concepts points this notion out in a new report.

Readers will not stand for poor quality products that do not work properly within their desired reading application (e.g. scale, flow, image presentation, etc.). Instead of accepting such errors as a matter of course (which early adopters did in spades), mass market readers will quickly be turned off from the ereading experience and exit the market altogether.

How can digital publishers stay up-to-date in the digital environment by providing products that consumers are interested in?

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How to create digital products the right way

Digital publishing tip #1: Test your products. Digital publishers aren’t the only people unfamiliar with digital content; consumers are new to the idea of consuming and paying for premium digital content. They aren’t against it, and in many cases don’t know what to expect.

Since there is unfamiliarity with digital products, it’s important to provide ones that work properly, are optimized from the correct devices, and aren’t filled with bugs. If you provide a poor experience, consumers may think that’s normal for digital products and remain hesitant about buying more in the future.

Digital publishing tip #2: Start with your best-selling products. If you’re at a loss on which products you should convert to digital and sell, look no further than your current best sellers. If you don’t already have best-selling content, turn to the topics that have the most audience attention and interest.

Digital publishing tip #3: Research what your audience wants. Is a digital replica good enough for your audience? Or are they more apt to expect a product utilizing the capabilities of tablets? If you don’t know the answers already, consider ways to survey your audience before you begin creating digital products.

What tips can you provide for publishers entering the digital environment with digital products? Please share your insight in the comments below.


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