Apple’s iOS 4.3 Rumors Speculate a December Release

Should we be expecting a mid-December release that brings a subscription model to the iPad?

Apple’s iOS 4.2 was released on November 23rd. It has been only a week since the release and speculations of a release of iOS 4.3 for mid-December have been popping up on the Internet.

According to Gizmodo, who sited MacStories, Apple is considering a mid-December release for an update to their operating system that will include iPad magazine subscriptions.

December 13th was supposedly going to be the exact day of the release. However, since iOS 4.2 fell behind schedule, the release date may be bumped up a bit.

A release on the 13th would make sense, since Apple and News Corp are expected to announce on December 9th that they will be releasing a subscription-based iPad newspaper for The Daily.

If these rumors turn out to be true, the iPad may finally be turning into the game-changing device that online publishers were looking for.

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