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via GfK MRI

via GfK MRI

Sometimes it’s easy to guess the primary audience for some magazines. Other times it’s more surprising to see some of the statistics.

GfK MRI, a media research firm, has released magazine audience information from this past fall. This data incorporates 178 magazines.

An article from Folio shares some interesting data on the wealthiest audiences. “The wealthiest audience measured doesn’t belong to a major publisher, and isn’t a title centered around finance or luxury; it belongs to Hemispheres, a custom, in-flight magazine published by United Airlines. In fact, three of the six richest audiences belong to in-flight titles.”

Many publishers already have a strong sense of their target audience based on their own statistics. If publishers are creating audience development campaigns, optimizing for specific terms, and looking at their Google analytics data often, then there shouldn’t be much of a surprise as to their own metrics.

However, if you want to take a look at what’s going on with other magazines in different industries, then this research from GfK MRI is quite valuable.

Read more at Folio. 

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