Be Ready for Visitors

Don’t waste your marketing campaigns, be ready for visitors

Provided that your website is well designed, you need to start driving traffic to it.

That way your website’s good conversion rates will start to equal high revenue numbers.

Yesterday’s tip provided an affordable three step process for driving more traffic to your website, but it is often mishandled by publishers.

The first two steps, creating a free offer and publicizing it, are easy. It’s the third step, being prepared to handle the surge in traffic, that is often botched.

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What you should do to handle the traffic is direct users to a page that will

  • Collect their email addresses
  • Have a check box opting them into your free email newsletter
  • Provide a link to the free product

Doing this correctly will convert the traffic generated by your free products into marketing and email newsletter files.

Once those files are created, you can start monetizing the customer relationships that your email newsletter is building.

There are other steps to this process and you want to ensure that you are executing them all correctly to really take advantage of it.


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