HBR Recycles Content For Success

via Folio.com

via Folio.com

Recycling and repurposing content is a successful strategy used by digital publishers, and one we recommend to all of our clients. Why constantly create new content when you have archives of content ready to be utilized online?

Folio interviewed Sarah McConville, VP of Marketing for Harvard Business Review (HBR), in a recent article. HBR has appealed to its digital audience members by releasing its archives in an “All Access” subscription, which includes over 4,000 articles from over a quarter century.

HBR’s archives have also been sold as physical books and e-books, including HBR’s Must Reads, HBR Guides, and The 20 Minute Manager Series. According to McConville, this strategy has led to millions of books being sold.

McConville adds some great insight to using digital and print together in harmony. “Identify opportunities for creating complements, not substitutes. Understand the relationship print has to digital and vice versa…If there’s a consistent value proposition across print and digital, your audience will readily engage with you along the continuum-in short-form social media to apps to online to print.”

Read more from McConville’s view on recycling content at Folio.

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