IDG Enterprise Properties to Cease Print, Go Digital

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 12.15.56 PMComputer World and CSO, two brands of IDG Enterprise, will become the company’s latest digital-only publications, according to Folio:.

June will mark the final print issues for both magazines. Computer World‘s circulation is 165,000, while its digital audience boasts an average of 2.9 million unique visitors; CSO‘s, 27,000 and 228,000, respectively. The properties, which will not cut staff, will also devote more resources to live events.

“Readers can get access to additional premium content by registering for a free Insider membership,” IDG Enterprise’s Matthew Yorke tells Folio:. “We are developing new models, which incorporate sponsor/ad revenues as well as a paid model for exclusive content and resources (in addition to the premium content that anyone will be able to access. The entire site will not require a paid subscription).”

To read more about Computerworld and CSO going digital only, visit Folio:.

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