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‘Chatting’ With Peers Can Be a Good Thing (like today)

Conversation from last Wednesday’s SIPA Twitter Chat:
What system do you use to host/run your webinars?
For webinars: @BeaconLive and @ReadyTalk thus far – what do you like about the platforms?
Used Conference America before … very reliable … anybody thought about web ex, citrix, or 24/7
I like Beacon’s easy-to-use platform. It takes about five minutes to show speakers how to use it.
No, I don’t use WebEx because you’re on your own. I need a rep on board in case of tech issues.
Citrix is good if you’re primarily screen sharing. Never had many problems with WebEx. Leslie is right, support is the issue.

That exchange probably took about five minutes. You can envision how much information you can get from this in an hour. Today’s Twitter Chat will focus on “How to Find the Best Employees.” If you have had success with this or would like to have success, you should join us. It takes place at 12 noon EST. It’s very easy to join in. If you don’t already have a Twitter chat client, we recommend TweetChat.comOnce you are on their site, simply log in through your Twitter account, type in the hashtag #NicheInfo, and you’re set!

Twitter Chats are now more than a passing phenomenon. There’s a Google docs page that lists 704 weekly Twitter Chats with subjects ranging from editorial freelancing (#EFAChat) to personal leadership (#BeTheOne) to, well, Justin Bieber (#JBchat)—be a “true Belieber,” it says.

Another past SIPA Twitter Chat focused on subscriber retention. Here is part of how that conversation went:
I heard from a publisher the other day that email buyers were renewing better in the mail and vice versa…
One publisher found unexpected success with a fax back renewal form.
The rule of thumb: add efforts as long as it is profitable.
Blanket efforts work as long as you make an offer that differs from the regular series.
[But] don’t make blanket efforts a habit. One to two times a year is OK.
My #1 rule: put your best offer in the first effort and tell the sub it won’t get better than this. Don’t reward them later.
We’re always testing offers at different times. We lean to offering discounts, gifts and such early, but always to expired list.

Twitter has also become the new form of the morning news. We hear how celebrities react to the death of Whitney Houston, how athletes classify the Jeremy Lin-sanity saga, and, of course, the winners at the Westminster Dog Show. (I read a tweet about a Doberman named Fifi today. That’s just wrong.) What makes Twitter Chats successful, as you can see, is the instantaneous nature of it, the ability to steer conversations to where you want them and a lack of verbosity. You get real information, fast and with a wisp of fun.

Can you imagine if Twitter was around in olden days? We would have had Benjamin Franklin tweeting about his kite, Sir Isaac Newton about apples falling on his head, Churchill tweeting one of his famous quotes–“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see,” for instance—and maybe even Goethe tweeting, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.” That’s less than 140 characters.


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