Long Content Can Attract Readers, Advertisers


Joe Hyrkin

Joe Hyrkin writes in MediaPost’s Publishing Insider that short teasers and social media are funneling readers who seek more substantive magazine-style journalism to the right forums for long-form content – and that this phenomenon makes for a great selling point when it comes to advertisers.

“Twitter and other micro-sharing services, which enable snippet publishing with attention-grabbing headlines and photos, are actually supporting longer-form publishing. These snippet publishers offer a taste of something enticing, perhaps a short blast about a reader’s favorite surfer or a new product,” Hyrkin writes.

“Consumers who are interested then click through to the site, magazine or publisher and read in more detail. Sure, there is plenty of skating across the surface, but once consumers find what they want, they often stay on a publisher’s site and dive into the content.”

Hyrkin cites Yahoo, Google, and Amazon as companies investing in digital publishing, while pointing out that native ads make for the perfect pairing with long-form content.

To read more about the attraction of long-form content to publishers, visit MediaPost.

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