NewFronts Brings Publishers, Ad Buyers Together

via Digiday

via Digiday

Next week will witness 21 companies try to woo media buyers at NewFronts with a showcase of content, format, and programming.

“The onus is on our partners to try to convince us that they’ve developed a way to create a uniqueness around digital compared to broadcast TV and other digital providers,” MediaCom Chief Digital Officer Steve Carbone told Digiday’s Ricardo Bilton.

The site relays what buyers are looking for when they attend the NewFronts presentations:

  • They want to see publishers promote their own programming. “If they don’t invest in their show, we’re not going to invest in their show,” OMD CDO Ben Winkler told Digiday.
  • They want to see how publishers can help them complement their broadcast buys. “We’re looking at digital to add to the mix, not cannibalize on the already-working engine and infrastructure of broadcast, which is actually effective,” TeamOne Media Director Kirsten Atkinson told Digiday.
  • They want to see programmatic ads commingle with custom video. “Placements alongside original content are not going to be something publishers like Yahoo are going to want sell programmatically, even though the marketplace is demanding it,” AMP Media Director Linda Lydon told Digiday.
  • They want to see quality. Need they say more?

To read more about NewFronts, visit Digiday.



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