Web 2.0 Expo Notes: Web 2.0 Supply & Demand Metrics

Web 2.0 Expo Notes: Web 2.0 Supply & Demand Metrics Aaron Kim, Emerging Technologies Evangelist with IBM Global Business Services talks about metrics in a Web 2.0 world

Aaron Kim

In a session called “Realizing Business Value from Web 2.0: An IBMer’s Perspective on ROI, Metrics and Anti-Patterns” at the Web 2.0 Expo today in NYC, Aaron Kim delivered some Web 2.0 metrics to think about.

Supply Metrics (good, but not the same as business value)

  • Number of wiki articles
  • Number of wiki contributors
  • Number of wiki registered users
  • Contributors per page
  • Editing activity per page
  • Number of blog posts
  • Number of bloggers
  • Number of social bookmarks
  • Number of communities
  • Number of forum posts

Demand Metrics (think conversions!)

  • Page Content views (includes mouse-over)
  • Searches that are satisfied by user-generated content
  • Searches that are not fulfilled (helps to understand what content is in high demand and low supply, or just not “discoverable”
  • Comments by blog posts
  • Replies to forum posts
  • Social bookmarks per blog / blog posts

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Qualitative Metrics

  • Create a simple questionnaire based on the business objectives you are trying to achieve and measure it on key project milestones: before implementation (baseline), after pilot, after training sessions, after 6-12-24 months.

Kim’s Food for Thought:

  • There’s an ROI for calculating ROI
  • Funding is a scarce resource
  • Bean counters prefer projects where ROI is easier to calculate
  • Corporate strategy often entails a decision on what NOT to invest on
  • Even when a decision is made to invest on Web 2.0 and Social computing, a measurement framework is required to decide which alternative to pursue
  • It’s important to track progress compared to targets: when should you stop investing in something?

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