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Our Spring 2023 issue of GreenPrints is full of great items for all garden enthusiasts

Yesterday we shared with you the release of the Spring 2023 edition of GreenPrints. Today we want to thank all of our amazing sponsorship partners who help make this publication possible. Over the years we have found partners that really resonate with our subscribers and offer great quality and appealing products. We’ve even had subscribers write us to tell us how much they love the advertisements. A few of those comments are:

  • “I also love the advertisements!”
  • “Even the advertisements are nicely done, don’t change them.”
  • “I commend your advertising choices. They add rather than detract from the magazine.”
  • “Your advertisers interest me a great deal — good stuff that I don’t see everywhere.”
  • “One of the few magazines where I actually enjoy the ads!”

ApricotMint is a family owned business where we have been creating beautiful hand blown art glass for your home and garden since 2018. They are passionate makers of creative hand blown art glass garden decors and believe that color makes life beautiful.

Jelitto Perennial Seeds has been supplying high quality seeds to plant growers and nurserymen all over the world since 1957. They are a leader in production, cultivation and seed technology with an extensive selection of over 3700 species and varieties.

John Sheepers Inc has been credited with revolutionizing gardening through the wide use of flower bulbs in the United States. In 2022 they shipped some 24 million flower bulbs all over the country.

Also known as America’s Gardening Resource, Gardener’s Supply is a 100% employee-owned gardening company based in Vermont. They have all the tools, supplies, raised beds, pots, planters, supports, seeds and plants you’ll need for a successful vegetable or flower garden.

Tree World was incorporated in 1988 by Claude P. Boisvert. Their mission is to be thoughtful leaders and positive examples in our green growing and plant protection business; to connect people to the joy of nature, all while remembering their roots as a family business.

Wildflower Seed and Tool Company began in 1987 in response to a growing interest in wildflowers and a frustration, as home gardeners, in finding quality tools and wildflower seeds. Their ergonomic hand tools are manufactured with the highest quality materials.

Bobbex has an extensive line of repellents and protectants. They use natural and safe ingredients to detract Deer and other herbivores from eating your plants. The key to Bobbex’s success is the use of natural, safe ingredients that (in their tested and proven formulas) frighten and naturally repulse Deer and other herbivores.

Way Cool Tools started in 2007 to help other people find gardening and landscaping tools to make their gardening experience more enjoyable. Their thought is, “By using these high quality and innovative gardening tools you too, will find yourself working smarter – not harder, in the garden.”

Wildseed Farms officially started at Eagle Lake in 1982. Curious people were drawn to view the wildflowers they had planted in their glory. As roads were packed with more and more cars over the years, it became obvious this was an attraction that could draw a crowd. In 1989 the decision was made to open the production fields to the public.

Pearl’s Premium grass seed saves you time, money and water. It actually requires 75% less water, so you can focus on watering the more essential things you’re growing, like food and flowers.

As I’m sure you can tell, we passionately support our GreenPrints sponsorship partners and all of their wonderful products. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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About GreenPrints: GreenPrints is the premier resource for inspirational and entertaining stories about gardening. GreenPrints is all about the human side of gardening, and brings readers the joy, humor, wit, and wisdom of life through compelling gardening stories that will make readers laugh … and sometimes cry. GreenPrints publishes a quarterly magazine—in print and online—and offers daily motivation with stories by email, plus a full library of content that is sure to delight any gardening reader. The whole idea behind GreenPrints is to share the feelings, the joys, and the experiences of gardening—really, the heart and soul of gardening. And that’s what makes GreenPrints so unique and special.

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