4 Tricks for Saving Landing Page Visitors for Later

How to design your websites and landing page templates to keep visitors coming back

The “bounce” rate of a website is an annoying metric. When someone comes to your websites and “bounces” back to the search engine to find another listing, you’re left with the following questions:

  • Why did they leave?
  • Did they find what they were looking for?
  • Did we offend them?
  • How can I get them to come back?

Once you’ve captured your prospect’s interest by getting them to your website,  it’s important to keep your name, product, and/or service in front of them by using the following checklist.

There is a free downloadable book or product in exchange for an email address.

The best way to keep in touch with fairweather Internet friends—the ones who read you infrequently—is to get them on your email list.

The best non-invasive way to get them on your email list is to give them something for free, like a free report. These items have a high-perceived value and are amazingly cheap to produce and distribute. If you can immediately entice them with a free product on your website, then you are able to build a relationship with them through your email newsletter going forward.

There is a free newsletter in exchange for an email address.

No one needs more email newsletters in their inbox. As Bill Bonner, founder of Agora Publishing, a large consumer newsletter publisher likes to point out, “Nobody wakes up, taps their significant other on the shoulder, and says, ‘Honey, we need to get some more newsletters today.”

Email newsletters do not sell themselves.

This is why when you’re asking for an email address, you’re better off letting know that when they download their free product, they’ll also be subscribed to all of your tip, strategy, technique, system, method, or idea updates.

Also, the newsletter is free, so the word FREE should be prominent in the eyebrow copy.

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There is an effective pop-under that captures the user’s email address when they leave.

Say what you will about pop-ups and pop-unders, but the hard truth is that they work. It is crucial to use effective pop-unders as a mechanism for capturing a prospect’s email address if they’ve decided to abandon your site before buying.

Without their email address, you have lost the opportunity for follow up, significantly reducing your conversion rate. You might have lost them on the first try, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities in the future to get them to come back.

On many landing pages, the publisher asks for your email address immediately and refuses to give you additional information until you “give it up”—the address, that is.

Auto-responders can be very effective at getting your potential customers eager to buy more of your product or services. Some publishers have built an entire business model using auto-responders. On one publisher’s website, once the user submits her email address, an auto-responder starts a series of “lessons” from the editors, delivered once a day for five consecutive days.

The more valuable the content, the more likely they are to come back to your website and buy a product from you in the future.

There is an effective pop-under that captures the user’s email address as a fall-back to an abandoned order flow.

You also want to pay attention to your sales pages. Using effective pop-unders as a mechanism for drawing them in once they’ve decided to abandon you is crucial.

Why? Because if you get the visitor’s email address before they leave without ordering, you can serve them a series of follow-up emails via auto-responder, attempting to convert them to a trial subscription.

And, you’ve added another valuable name to your house e-list. Without their email address, you have lost the opportunity for follow up.

Even if you don’t intent to go all gorilla marketing on their email addresses with an auto-responder, you’ve still captured their email address for any type of follow-up that they prefer. Maybe they aren’t willing to buy right now, but maybe they’ll take a shorter free report on the same topic.

Coming up with ideas to keep users coming back to your site should be an endless process. Where five years ago, we were limited in our options, we now have more feeds for people to stay in touch with us on. Perhaps they won’t subscribe to your email newsletter, but they’ll follow you on Twitter. Maybe they won’t join your forum, but they’ll discuss things in their Facebook community.

As many arms as you can stretch out there that will be regularly updated and can send traffic back to your website are all great ways to build online relationships that start with your website and come back to your website.

    Justin D.

    Nice tricks here! You really have some nice techniques and strategies on how to get visitors to come back to your site or landing pages!

    Don N.

    Ver helpful checklist of email marketing best practices… and I love the Agora quite!


    Chris S.

    Great article Amanda.

    On the content side of things, frequently adding new articles and making it blatant that the website is updated daily will also help entice visitors to come back often.

    If a website buries its frequency and is seen as outdated, chances are Internet users will abandon and not return.


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