4 Website Homepage Design Tips for Everyone

Building a website homepage that completes your goals

We have built an entire website design scorecard to guide you in the direction of building an action-worthy, profitable and endearing homepage.

The goals of you homepage should first tell someone what you do, then it should give them the information they’re looking for. Finally, your homepage should get their attention so that they want to keep a relationship with you by buying a product or signing up for your email newsletter.

While any business values a sale, we consider an email sign-up as important as a sale. That’s because even if we can’t convince them to buy today, we have another chance tomorrow and the day after, and the day after that.

With that said, we have an entire website design scorecard for your perusal, but these four are worth bringing to the forefront.

Website Homepage Design Tip #1: Strategic Intent – You need direction for your website. If you want a visitor to sign up for a free email newsletter, click on a sponsored advertisement or even sign up for a paid membership, you need it to be perfectly clear to them. Entice them with a clear message and a clear design.

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Website Homepage Design Tip #2: Content Webification – Design your website so your visitors know they’re on the internet. The internet isn’t like any other medium; not print, TV or radio. Take your content and make it compatible to the World Wide Web. We like to call this process “webification”. Offer videos, audio and other digital platforms for repurposing content that your audience will enjoy.

Website Homepage Design Tip #3: Relationship Building – Speak with your audience. Show them that you want to start a relationship with them and make it easy for them to sign up for your email list. Pay close attention to the language you use to convert visitors into subscribers. Your message needs to resonate with them.

Website Homepage Design Tip #4: Community Building – Do you encourage interaction between users and editors? How about between users? Doing so will help the number of subscribers and visitors increase, and will help relationships grow as your community gets stronger.


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