Comprehensive Website Design in 90 Minutes

Join us on Nov. 6 for Designing Media Websites that Work so you can improve the state of your website

Your media website must include certain components or you’ll fail to retain an audience and generate enough revenue to keep operating.

Some online business owners don’t understand all the aspects that go into designing websites, and then they reach market and develop many regrets.

We don’t want to see any more publishers experience the problems associated with poorly performing websites, which is why we’ve developed the Designing Media Websites that Work webinar. This 90-minute program will walk you through functionality that’s included in successful media websites. You’ll get a sense of what’s important in website design, and what helps to retain an audience.

This webinar is a must-attend for publishers launching a new website or preparing to re-launch in the future. Without the insight from this webinar, your ability to develop the best website may be seriously lacking.

Discover the secrets behind successful website design when you join us for Designing Media Websites that Works on Nov. 6.

Interactive parts of working media websites

One of the most important sections of this webinar discusses the parts of a successful website that users have become accustomed to.

First, there’s the need for a blog, optimized and managed by knowledgeable staff members. The blog is where new visitors will come to consume your free content. The free report marketplace is closely aligned with your blog. It serves as a main point of conversions because visitors often trade their email address for access and ownership of a free report from the marketplace.

Then there’s the forum used to keep your audience engaged. Although social media has become popular with social communication, a forum can still hold the key to mass correspondence on a topic related to your organization and managed by your staff.

These areas of your website put your audience first by drawing them into the community, sharing information with them, and showing them how important they are to you.

Can you survive without having an audience behind your content? Of course not! That’s why you must attend Designing Media Websites that Work so you can master the development behind engaging websites.

How to generate revenue with your website

Beyond the organic, engaging parts of your website are the pages where you can directly make money.

These pages include the online store, events website, and magazine website.

All of these website parts must be clear, concise, and informative, and present the audience with calls to action and the ability to accept direct responses.

The online store, events site and magazine site are main revenue generators that are continuously updated with the latest information. The long-standing pages attract backlinks and constant traffic, making them candidates for well-ranking pages.

Do you rely on these parts of a media website to generate your revenue? Are they properly designed and functioning accurately? The online store, events website and magazine website need serious attention and they need to be tested often.

If you’re most important website components aren’t operating correctly, you could be losing money on potential sales. Join us for Designing Media Websites that Work to see design elements online stores should have.

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