Your Guide to Building a Profitable Subscription Website

Want some subscription website publishing insider information?


Success in subscription website publishing takes mastery.

And no matter whether you’re just starting a subscription website or you already have one of the Internet’s successful subscription websites, you can learn and do more with your subscription website after you read my FREE  handbook, Subscription Website Publishing: The Most Profitable Subscription Website Models.

Subscription Website Publishing: The Most Profitable Subscription Website Models is specifically written about subscription websites. It delivers rigorously researched details on the websites that can help you in starting a subscription website, maximizing its content and, above all, joining the ranks of the best subscription websites that support successful multiplatform publishing empires.

Did I mention that it’s FREE for you to download right now?

In Subscription Website Publishing: The Most Profitable Subscription Website Models, you’ll learn …

  • The most profitable subscription models
  • How subscription websites are measured
  • How to create the right type of content
  • How to price your content
  • How to organize your content
  • How to convert unique visitors to subscribers
  • How to build a subscription website
  • How to market your subscription website
  • Lessons learned from other subscription websites

We also include real-life examples of the best subscription websites, so you can see how theory works in actual practice. Find out how you can successfully raise your subscription price – and increase circulation at the same time. Learn how not to survive a recession. Discover the role that a web edition of your magazine can play in successful subscription website publishing.

You get inside information on publishers just like you who’ve started from scratch, or who have taken struggling print brands and turned them into internet sensations.

There’s advice galore from publishers who understand what you’re going through, because they’ve been there.

You’ll even find out what’s wrong with some of the biggest subscription based websites – and learn how you can always make more money, no matter how successful you already are.

Get our complete, exhaustive guide to starting a subscription website. Download Subscription Website Publishing now.

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