How to Build a Membership Website that Has a Sense of Urgency

When you build a membership website, provide an incentive to subscribe and offer instant gratification

Many membership website landing pages promote the overall value of their site’s content, but fail to create a sense of urgency about joining.

In broad, sweeping generalizations the landing page characterizes the content that awaits you if you join the membership website, and promises a boatload of new articles to be delivered over the course of your membership, but offers no incentive to join RIGHT NOW!

Do you have a fast-reading special report or a handy checklist to offer new members to your membership website?

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Do you offer a downloadable tool, a template or an instructional Flash video that solves an immediate concern that all your potential membership website subscribers share?

If not, could you create one and offer it as a reward for joining your membership website TODAY?

Some of your potential membership website subscribers will only visit your site’s landing page once. If they don’t join immediately, they may never return.

But if you offer a mouth-watering, gotta-have-it, special premium that they will receive IMMEDIATELY upon joining your membership website, you can significantly increase your landing page conversion rate.


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