Order Button Factors that Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

Discuss how landing page order button design can depress or increase landing page conversion rates for information marketers like Agora’s Early to Rise.

Executive Summary

  • Order button design may seem simple, but most publishers could dramatically increase their landing page conversion rates with some simple changes.
  • Early to Rise (ETR) may have created the “perfect” order button—or have they?
  • What order button variables do you think have a major impact on landing page conversion rates for the Early to Rise free email newsletter?

New order buttons recently caught the eye of Mequoda Advisory Board Member and direct marketing expert Stuart Jordan. He noted that he’s seen test results that indicate that transaction-specific copy can dramatically increase landing page conversions rates.

His question to me: Is this the “perfect” order button design?

Before offering my thoughts, I thought I’d ask Mequoda Daily members to offer their combined wisdom on the subject.

Assume these are the ETR controls:



Would you bother to test alternative designs?

If “yes,” what variations to you think would offer the best chance for increasing landing page conversion rates for the free ETR email newsletter?

For more information on order buttons, see the results of the Mequoda Daily Order Button Color Quiz.


Note: The details of the case have been modified to protect the identity of the publisher and program. If you’ve got a case study you’d like to share, send me an email. Your privacy is my top concern.


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