Seniors lead online growth and create opportunities for premium information sites

Senior citizens are the only minority group that everyone is trying to get into! They generally have some money, so many smart marketers are trying to sell something to them. That includes savvy information product developers.

The only minority group that everyone is trying to get into? Senior citizens!

According to Nielsen/NetRatings, seniors aged 65+ are the fastest growing demographic on the web.

Senior surfers surged 25 percent from 7.6 million in October 2002 to 9.6 million a year later. The trends continues.


What do seniors want?

According to Selling to Seniors, the monthly report on the mature market, published by CD Publications, seniors want to buy (and can afford) numerous products and services that are tailored specifically for their needs as dictated by their place in the life cycle.

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The list is topped by affordable drugs and housing. Also:

  • Volunteer opportunities.
  • Anti-aging skin treatments.
  • Maintenance-free homes.
  • Long-term care insurance.
  • Reverse mortgages.
  • Hearing aids.
  • Skid-resistant throw rugs and grip bars.
  • Retirement homes.
  • Banking services.
  • Health clubs and fitness centers.
  • Easy-open packaging and containers.
  • Large-type books.


Seniors and the information market

Seniors (defined as people over the age of 50!) also want information.

  • Information on dealing with aging parents. (See
  • Senior online dating services. (See and
  • Job search services. (See paid member site at
  • Membership organizations. (See
  • General information, thought-provoking copy and f*r*e*e stuff. (See
  • End-of-life care. (See
  • Adventure travel. (See

The seniors market is large and diversified. It represents unparalleled opportunities for information marketers and membership website publishers.

If you’re still looking for a niche market, you might find it within the seniors market.

For a no cost sample of Selling to Seniors, go to


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