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Tag: nielsen

Publishing Website Strategy for Advertising Presents Changes

Advertising and website strategy evolves as publishers find the best channels, advertisements, and processes to follow. Today we’re looking at some new elements to online advertising.

Digital Publishers Expand with Acquisitions of Assets, Technology

Last year ended with a major push by digital publishers to position themselves differently in the digital landscape. Some acquired companies that make them relevant to a broader audience, while others changed strategies, hired new talented, or adopted new technology.

10 Facts About Digital Magazine Publishing and One Very Important Piece of Advice

Digital magazine publishing is and continues to be the current and next frontier, with unlimited revenue stream options coming from creative use and integration of text, images, video, social content, native advertising and so much more.

Report: Mobile Media Consumption Dominating Desktop

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) released its Top 10 magazine brands for the first half of 2016 on July 28, along with its most current audience data taken from those six months. The findings, compiled by MPA metrics arm Magazine Media 360°, continue to show strong growth while also marking major shifts in mobile media consumption.

Organic SEO for Publishers Paying Dividends, Study Shows

SimilarWeb data determines that organic SEO for publishers is a strong play
Organic SEO for publishers is a key component of the Mequoda Method, one that can even permeate social media strategy and thus drive both direct and side-door traffic to your content on desktop and mobile. It’s a science, and one whose formulas take work

Magazine Marketing Strategy: Ad Study Shows Publishers in Strong Position

New Nielsen Catalina multi-year media survey yields some interesting results on magazine marketing strategy
When we talk magazine marketing strategy, typically we’re talking from the point of view of publishers. But advertisers have a magazine marketing strategy, too, of course – to begin with, it involves whether to buy ads in magazines at all. Well, with

ABC to Track and Measure Digital Magazine Distribution, Readership

Digital magazine distribution and consumption will receive the Audit Bureau of Circulations treatment; plus, Google follows Apple’s lead and Time Inc.’s vision
Digital magazine distribution, readership, ad views, and more are all sliced and diced in some way, shape, or form, but the question these days is accuracy, veracity, and reliability. The future of digital advertising

Digital Media Industry News: MPA Releases Latest Magazine Data

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) released its Top 10 magazine brands on April 28, along with its most current audience data from March of 2016. The findings, compiled by MPA metrics arm Magazine Media 360°, continue to show strong growth and mark even more positive digital media industry news.

The Audience Report charted a 7.6% year-over-year increase in site visits, while putting gross traffic for digital magazines at 1.9 billion. The MPA also announced findings for magazines on social media, showing Likes and Followers total 900 million for online magazines, up 4% over last quarter.

Perhaps the biggest digital media industry news? Desktop/laptop audiences demonstraed notable growth for the first time in seven months, reaching more than 560 million users, a 6% increase.

Association Magazines – Not Just for Members Anymore?

Association magazines have potential for B2B publishing success; plus, Facebook Instant Articles, the latest personnel moves, and more
Can association magazines transcend membership readers to engage in some serious audience development? One big name in the business is offering a resounding yes. We have to agree, of course. Legacies, startups, brands, B2Bs, and, yes, professional groups

How to Use Multi-Screen Advertising Psychology to Improve Ad Sales

Three years ago, Nielsen published an article that predicted “multi-screen [advertising] campaigns will be very important in three years.” Multi-screen advertising, which a more common term in television advertising, refers to delivering the same, or a similar ad, on many devices around the same time.

A Quick Way to Eyeball Your Magazine Competition

What if you want to learn a little more about your magazine competition? You can’t just go up to them and ask. I mean, maybe you’ll bump into their marketing director at a conference (::cough:: this happens all the time at our Digital Publishing & Marketing Intensive ::cough::) but in most cases when you’re comparing your publication to a competitor, you’re in the dark.

Work in the dark no more. Estimating your magazine competition’s online revenue is easier than you think and requires only four easy-to-find figures.

The Benefits of Video Advertising: Buying and Selling Pre-Roll and/or Custom Content

The benefits of video advertising increase as trends are discovered, users are targeted, and call-to-action buttons are put into use.
Although consumers don’t generally love the 10-15 seconds of advertising they encounter when discovering new YouTube videos, or videos they find on publisher’s websites — they do, in fact, wait through them, at least to the

Digital Consumption, Particularly Mobile, Drives Magazine Growth

Since its inception in late 2014, we’ve been paying close attention to the Association of Magazine Media’s 360° Brand Audience Report, an innovative data study of digital consumption, as well as print readership, of magazines.

And we’re definitely not the only ones: With these monthly — or, in this case, yearly — reports, the MPA is providing context and parameters for publishers across the industry, not to mention encouragement in the form of consistently good news (on the web side of things, at least). While that good news seemed too good to be true initially, it’s standing the test of time, due largely to the thoroughness with which the organization conducts its research.

Is Digital Advertising a Bust? 6 Ways to Fight Conventional Wisdom

Over the past few years, publishers have been wringing their hands over the failure of digital advertising to come to their rescue as print advertising revenues continued to evaporate. You had to look hard to find the occasional glimmer of hope.

The Digital Publishing Industry by the Numbers: MPA Releases 2015 Factbook

Is the digital publishing industry unstoppable? These facts and figures argue a resounding yes, especially when it comes to audience development.

Digital Advertising News: Buyers Want Viewability Data, While Nielsen Wants Brains

All roads lead to viewability. This is not digital advertising news for anyone paying attention. Without it – or without a plan to establish it – publishers could be in some trouble, particularly on mobile. Advertising Age examines the issue in a couple of recent articles, while ruminating on sponsored content in a couple of others. Bonus content: Some big news from USA Today.

Online Magazine Publishing Audiences Are on the Rise, MPA Says

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) released its first-quarter 2015 Magazine Media 360° report, and the year-over-year data is encouraging for online magazine publishing companies.

February Magazine Publishing Industry Report From MPA

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) released its latest Magazine Media 360° report – tabbing year-over-year numbers for February, along with the top performers in the magazine publishing industry – on March 24.

Digital Media Evolution Charted by JEGI

The Jordan Edmiston Group Inc. hosted its 11th annual Media & Technology Conference for upward of 400 executives in January, focusing programs on the “The Convergence of Data, Marketing & Commerce.” Speakers covered the digital media evolution, from multiplatform strategy to thinking like a marketer, mobile trends to legal trends.

Digital Advertising Trends: Avalanche, TNR, Conversions

Any and all recent discussions about digital advertising trends – including this one – make mention of native advertising. Some publishers have embraced it, while others are wrestling with the ethics, implications, and logistics. In this roundup, we’ll take a look at a potential solution for the latter group of publishers, as well as another example of the former. In between, we’ll check in on what advertisers themselves are looking for from publishers and platforms when it comes to metrics. All three updates come from’s excellent CMO Today blog.

Digital Publishing News: MPA Releases 6-Month Numbers

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) released its most current industry numbers, building onto its monthly report with an accumulated six months’ worth of audience data from August of 2014 to January of 2015. The digital publishing news is good for magazines and multiplatform publishers.

Mobile Ad Viewability a Focus for Facebook, MRC

Ad viewability on mobile devices is an emerging issue for publishers, and Facebook – along with the Media Rating Council – has taken the lead on developing workable measurements.

Top 10 Magazine Brands + Year-Over-Year Numbers Tabbed by MPA

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) released its “Top 10” magazine brands on Jan. 7, along with its most current industry numbers from November of 2014. The findings, compiled by recently created MPA metrics arm Magazine Media 360°, are encouraging.

MPA Releases New Study On Digital Magazines

The MPA’s new edition of the Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report came out recently, and Talking New Media is reporting on the story.

Nielsen OCR Will Measure Evolve Media Native Video Ads

Evolve announced recently that it will offer Nielsen Online Campaign ratings with the social video ads dotting its roster of enthusiast magazines. The move makes it the first company to implement the measure for native ads, according to

Partnerships Are Part of TV Guide’s Digital Publishing Strategy

Deadline is reporting that TV Guide has partnered with CBS Interactive in a cross promotional content deal. David Lieberman writes

Nielsen and IAB Addressing Mobile Audience Development

A recent partnership between Nielsen and IAB is designed to provide better mobile audience metrics to publishers and marketers.

Nadia Cameron writes, “The program is being jointly funded and delivered by Nielsen and is supported by seven key publishers. The first top-line market data is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2014. According to the bureau, the pilot will deliver both site and application mobile usage data at a brand level to advertisers, as well as samples from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets using an electronic mobile meter.”

Allrecipes Magazine Launches

While many publishers are taking most of their content online, Meredith is doing the opposite. Ad Week is reporting that Meredith has launched Allrecipes magazine. Lucia Moses writes, “With ad revenue shifting online, publishers generally aren’t launching big magazines these days; an exception is Hearst Magazines,

Mequoda Weekly: March 25th, 2013 – March 29th, 2013

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Merging Usability Testing Methods from the Past and Present

Website usability tests are performed to determine if websites are functioning correctly. If they aren’t, users will have a hard time executing on their desired tasks, leading website publishers to fail in building rapport and generating revenue from these users.

What Consumers are Saying about Email Marketing

Statistics dictate the need for certain changes to email marketing strategies

Email marketing is getting more important to consumer marketers. More users and looking at email content on their mobile devices and expect proper interaction within their devices.

The benefit of designing for mobile optimization is that a percentage of users are already making purchases through their devices. As more trust grows within this industry, it can be expected that the number of consumers will grow.

Two of the Most Important Resources for Mobile Design

For those publishers trying their hand at mobile email and mobile site design, they need to pay close attention to two main things: device guidelines and best practices.

Device guidelines remain the same, until new products are released into the marketplace. Currently, just below 50% of mobile phone subscribers own smartphones. This number is compared to 36% a year ago.

5 Tips for Using Video in Email

In a digital world where engagement is vastly important, video content, when used appropriately, can help boost website traffic and audience interactivity

Have you been looking for innovative ways to generate more website traffic?

By now, the use of video to present content is no secret, and it’s used with good reason.

Three Ways to Maximize Website Usability

Website usability tests are performed to determine if websites are functioning correctly. If they aren’t, users will have a hard time executing on their desired tasks, leading website publishers to fail in building rapport and generating revenue from these users.

There are three basic approaches to usability testing. They include expert reviews, heuristic testing and usability labs.

In an expert review, usability problems associated with a product’s interactivity are identified and diagnosed without the involvement of users. For example, malfunctioning links or contrast issues are a few of the problems that an expert review can easily find.

One Major Email Deliverability Issue You Need to Monitor

Do you know your inbox placement rate (IPR)?

Email usage has remained solid for years, and its popularity will likely grow due to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A new report from Nielsen shares that 40% of smartphone owners and 42% of tablet owners use their device while watching TV. What are people doing on these devices? 60% check their email during shows, while 59% wait for a commercial break to check their email.

And of course we can forget Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project’s statistics, which shared the information that 92% of online adults use email, with 61% using it daily.

Statistics on How Content is Shared Online

There are many ways to share content online; are you utilizing the most popular methods?

Nielsen Online and AOL released an April 2011 report entitled “Content is the Fuel of the Social Web”. Within this report, more than 10,000 social media messages were analyzed to decipher the methods used for sharing content online.

The overall findings showed that 93% of Internet users used email to share content, 89% used social networks and 82% used blogs.

Tablets Impact the Use of Desktop and Laptop PCs

Nielsen data shows promising signs for tablets

Tablet devices are gaining popularity among owners.

Recent data from Nielsen shows that 77% of tablet users are using their tablets to perform actions that they once did on a laptop of desktop computer.

Do You Know Why Users Aren’t Clicking on Your Ads?

New research conducted by Nielsen might provide the answer

Advertisers have been working for years to increase the click-through rate of their online ads.

As the average click-through rate is .09%, advertisers are still looking for a solution that will lead to more engagement with users.

How to Engage an Audience with Modern Advertisements

From mobile to video, consumers require one main thing

Unchartered territories are used for marketing in modern times. In addition to social media being a marketable medium if done carefully, mobile advertising is on an upswing.

The challenge for many marketers is to successfully utilize today’s opportunities without disrupting trusting audiences.

Would You Be Interested in Saving Online Advertisements?

Scott Kurnit, founder of, hopes so

Do you remember the first advertisement you saw on the Internet? I surely don’t.

Scott Kurnit, the founder of, wants that change. Moreover, he wants Internet users to save online ads as content pieces.

Discover Who May Be Getting an iPad This Holiday Season

Statistics on those interested in buying digital devices

With the holiday shopping season here, it’s worth taking a look at potential hot ticket items that can impact our industry.

For instance, the iPad is appearing on many people’s holiday shopping wishlist.

Social Media Strategy: What Women Share

According to a new Nielsen study, women like sharing online video, especially funny or entertaining ones

Apparently, women between 25 and 44 have very similar priorities. We are viewing and sharing digital information in the following categories throughout the day:

Can You “Sell Clicks” As an Internet Business Model?

How focuses on creating content instead of selling products

The economics of online publishing vary from publisher to publisher. Whether you sell products, ads, sponsorships, or make money in other ways, you are taking advertising from someone—maybe even yourself.

From our research, there are ultimately 9 ways to maximize online revenue: selling listings, impressions, clicks, leads, books & products, periodicals, memberships and events. This article is going to focus on selling clicks.

New Media Trends: Are you Connected?

The iPad is the highest-scoring product in consumer satisfaction – EVER! – according to ACSI*

Connected devices, like tablets, smartphones and eBook readers, are changing how some consumers engage with media.

According to The Nielsen Group, owners of connected devices are skewed toward males 34 and younger. If that’s your target audience, it’s time to get connected.

Another interesting statistic: iPad owners were not only more responsive to advertising, but were more likely to follow through with a purchase as a direct result of an ad seen on their connected device.

Building Your Mobile Web Presence

Need Grows for Strong Mobile Web Presence

In a September 14 posting titled Rise of the ‘Apps Culture,’ Pew Research Center wrote that 82 percent of Americans are now cell phone users and about one-fourth of all adults live in a household that has a cell phone and no landlines.

That’s kind of the taking-off point for today’s Media Post News “Online Media Daily” interview with David Berkowitz, senior director of emerging media and innovation for 360i.

Does Your Internet Marketing Strategy Focus on Baby Boomers? It Should.

What can we learn from the Internet habits of baby boomers

Baby boomers,* as a group, are 78 million strong in the US alone. This group has tremendous buying power and your Internet marketing strategy cannot afford to overlook them. According to the Nielson Company, baby boomers, unlike the previous generation, are affluent and willing to try new brands and new products.

3 More Reasons for Increasing Website Traffic Through Social Media

You can’t afford to ignore social networking sites

It’s important to establish yourself now on social networking sites. First, users are spending increasingly more of their time on social networks, even when they’re on the go. Second, you need inbound links to improve your page rank. Third, you need to attract new audiences.

“Despite the almost unlimited nature of what you can do on the web, 40 percent of U.S. online time is spent on just three activities – social networking, playing games and emailing, leaving a whole lot of other sectors fighting for a declining share of the online pie,” said Nielsen analyst Dave Martin.

Tablets Bring a Wind of Change

In addition to a new experience for content users and content producers alike

When I think about new technology, the words “smaller” and “faster” pop into mind. One of the turning points that sticks out in modern times is when the laptop computer became popular. It hasn’t replaced desktop computers, but it did make them less desirable. The laptop was smaller, and thus, didn’t have to remain stationary like desktops. Laptops became ideal for business professionals who travel often.

One of the other big changes in technology was the creation of broadband, high-speed Internet. Dial-up Internet connections quickly became obsolete as the same online tasks could be done in a fraction of the time. This breakthrough also helped the advent of multi-platform and media-rich content, where new devices tablet devices like the iPad can gain an audience.

Social Media Trends for 2010

Three social media strategies to put into practice for 2010

Content Discovery: The Hidden Value of Social Networking Sites for Referrals

The majority of content discovery, as much as 70% according to Nielson, are referrals from search engines and portals like Google, Yahoo and MSN. With social networking sites like Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and blogs making up almost 20% of users relying on social media sites to find reliable information. This is too large a number to ignore.

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