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Easy Landing Page Templates You Can Buy

Landing page templates for a tight budget and overworked staff

Landing pages can be the bane of some people’s existence. If you don’t have a template built into your content management system, it can be even worse. If you need different landing page templates for different products, your to-do list gets longer and longer.

If you don’t want to design your own landing page templates, are low on resources, or are simply looking for design ideas, here are a few places online where you can window shop.

ThemeForest Landing Page Templates mainly focuses on WordPress themes for businesses, but they also have a very decent collection of landing page templates. They range in price from a cheap $8-10 and include all graphics, stylesheets and HTML necessary to launch the page. In many cases, you’ll need only a junior web designer to edit the templates.

Picture 485




UnBounce is a new and deadly simple platform for testing landing pages. Plans range from $25-$500 a month and give you dozens of best-practice landing pages to build within their site. From there, they can facilitate A/B tests so that you can be as hands-off as you want.

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Learn how to choose the best subscription pricing & single-copy pricing strategy for your subscription websites & subscription apps when you download a FREE copy of How to Use Contrast Pricing to Increase Subscription Revenue.


10 Free WordPress Landing Page Themes

These landing page templates, while basic, are free for you to download as a .zip file. They are only good if you’re using them on unique WordPress blogs, because they are themes. They also offer more landing page downloads like 5 Free Video Landing Pages.

Free WordPress Landing Page Theme

Cash Revelations

I’ve seen CSSLandingPages mentioned several times on several different blogs. For $19, they’ll give you 12 different themes that you can use, which include all graphics, code and different templates for opt-in boxes as well. They’re not pretty, but they’re very straight-forward and set you up to load the page with amazing copy.

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CSS Landing Pages

Now that we’ve laid out a few templates for you, do you know which one would work best for your product or service? Download our free 12 Master Landing Page Templates white paper to find out!


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One thought on “Easy Landing Page Templates You Can Buy

  1. The templates are awesome, am interested to buy them. Can you send cost and details of your stuff to my mail so that i can contact you .

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