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Archive for Digital Magazine Publishing

Digital Magazine Publishing posts focus on the digital revolution that is taking place for digital magazines.

In this section, you will find posts on components for creating and publishing the best digital magazines.

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Forbes Hits Digital Magazine Publishing Out of the Park

When people aren’t talking about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy these days, it seems they’re talking about iPads. And when they talk about iPads in our world, they’re talking about digital magazine publishing and apps.   Continue

Saving TIME Magazine: or, the Future of All of Us

Digital magazines can thrive, but they can’t be Yahoo

On March 3, 1923, TIME magazine was born. It was what most publications were in that era: an aggregator, dedicated to rewriting the news from around the world in pithy, pointed nuggets. To their prospective financiers, founders Henry Luce and Briton Hadden boasted that the average reader could get through an entire issue in 30 minutes.   Continue

Digital Magazine Publishing Software for Distribution

Three issues on the functionality and design of digital magazines

There’s been a tremendous amount of speculation on what the perfect digital magazine might be and where the future of digital publishing is headed.

While others pontificate, we have projects brewing. The focus is not to produce a digital magazine itself, but to produce the digital magazine subscription website where we believe the digital magazine will be ultimately housed. It will be the nexus between client and server relationships.   Continue

My Top 12 Articles of 2012

I want to usher in 2013 by sharing some of my top articles from this past year. Each of these articles received a favorable amount of social interaction, so in case you missed them, here are my top 12 articles of 2012.   Continue

Network with Like-Minded Digital Publishers

Aside from three days of content on developing a digital publishing powerhouse, the Internet Marketing Intensive offers networking with like-minded digital publishers.

These networking opportunities have two major benefits:   Continue

SIPA-SIIA Merger: 3 Things to Like

As a 27 year SIPA veteran, I can find a lot to like about the SIPA SIIA merger

Back in 1985, John Wilson, Steve Pepper, and Barrie Martland attended a seminar I was teaching in New York City on magazine economics. By the end of the day the trio convinced me that my company, Lighthouse Software, should join what was then called the Newsletter Publishers Association. Over the years, I’ve published newsletters on marketing, writing, and technology. Every time I started a new company, I joined what’s now called SIPA. Like most publishers, my business has evolved and expanded over the years to include publishing, software, training, consulting and even technology services. Many SIPA members are also my clients. And while my company belongs to a number of publishing trade organizations, SIPA is the one I consider home. While other trade organizations are dominated by larger corporate organizations, SIPA has always been the home of the entrepreneur. Most of my colleagues and SIPA run organizations that are similar in size and scope to my own.   Continue

What’s Really at Stake in Digital Publishing and Digital Marketing

We all need to understand the importance of the digital paradigm shift

The new digital publishing and digital marketing environment is certainly a place of exploration. Tried and true strategies associated with print won’t necessarily work the same in digital. Publishers need to take advantage of the new opportunity in front of them and discover how to make digital work for them.

Although this environment is new to publishers, consumers have high expectations. There is no room for error in their minds. Chris Rechtsteiner from BlueLoop Concepts points this notion out in a new report.   Continue

Growing your Digital Audience

3 major focal points for digital publishers

Website traffic remains fundamental to digital publishers’ success, regardless of the Internet business models they utilize.

What are you doing to drive website traffic? How are you converting this traffic to more manageable relationships?

There are three major methods digital publishers are actively using to drive website visitors and convert them to subscribers.   Continue

A Dozen Options for Generating Revenue

Successful publishers always utilize multiple revenue streams. Doing so offers the best opportunity for growth as brand recognition can develop through multiple platforms.

Throughout the years we’ve identified 12 ways publishers can generate revenue online. Of course, not every publisher utilizes all the available opportunities. But mixing and matching the correct revenue streams with your brand’s expertise can lead to favorable results.   Continue

7 Subscribers Tell All: The Real Reasons Why They Choose Print or Digital

Do you know why subscribers choose print over digital, and vice versa? A landing page a/b test can only tell you the details about copy that converts, but it doesn’t tell you the complete mindset of your customers.   Continue

Digital Native Survey – Print Reading Habits [Video]

Through statistics and careful observation, it’s clear to see that the tablet industry is growing. Hundreds of millions of tablets are predicted to sell in the coming years, and because of this growth, magazine publishers have more of an opportunity to create digital products that appeal to tablet users.

Digital natives are certainly an important demographic in this scenario. They have grown up with technology and turn to it in many aspects of their lives, from interacting with their friends and family to consuming media.   Continue

Digital Marketing – Catering to Impulse Buys

Digital marketing allows for more ways to offer impulse buy opportunities

Have you ever impulsively bought something? Do you allow your audience members to impulsively buy your products?

For digital magazine publishers and other content producers, it can be difficult to create impulse buying opportunities. For those with physical print products, the main hope is an impulse buy of a magazine issue. Most of these scenarios dictate new audience members or one-time buyers – not subscribers.   Continue

3 Options for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Which Adobe DPS Edition is right for you?

Digital magazine publishing evolution has been helped by the use of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite. According to recent reports, 600 publishers worldwide are using Adobe DPS successfully, and 68% of digital content buyers are purchasing content that was created with the aid of DPS.

Adobe DPS is “a complete solution for individual designers, traditional media publishers, ad agencies, and companies of all sizes that want to create, distribute, monetize, and optimize engaging content and publications for tablet devices.”   Continue

Conducting a Digital Publishing Audit

Discover your best digital publishing assets

As the digital publishing industry grows at an alarming rate, there are a few main keys to focus on.

Beyond providing content on different e-reading devices, making digital products your audience will desire, and discovering your audience’s actual opinion of your digital publishing efforts, you will need to conduct digital publishing audits.   Continue

How to be a Leader in Digital Magazine Publishing

5 tips for succeeding with digital magazine publishing

The digital magazine publishing industry relies heavily on existing tablet devices. This truth means digital magazine publishers have to consider how content is consumed on tablets.

Digital magazine content is typically divided into two product types: interactive replicas and interactive tablet editions. The interactive replica is formatted the same as its print counterpart, while interactive tablet editions designed specifically for tablets.   Continue

Digital Magazine Publishing Tip – Consider Metadata

Successful digital magazine publishing requires getting found, and optimizing your metadata may help in the process

Digital publishers using landing pages to call attention to their digital magazine content need to optimize for their keyword phrases. Although this isn’t a new concept, with a lot of focus being given to the creation of digital magazine content and its distribution, optimization isn’t always top of mind.   Continue

Managing Recent Digital Change

Some content publishers are having a hard time with the changes that take place in the digital age. New advances arise before others can be mastered and managed properly. Is this something you’ve experienced first-hand?

Of course, there are other online business managers and digital publishers who have developed new revenue streams reflective of the drastic change that has consumed the environment. Some of these are explicitly dependent on digital tools, while others have been developed as a way to diversify.   Continue

Digital media & the future: Meet digital publishing superstars

A rare opportunity to learn from the best in digital publishing

Many publishers of digital media will spend their entire careers and never meet the stars of their industry, let alone learn their secrets. This is your chance to avoid that fate. Mequoda’s Audience Development Summit 2012 delivers two of these stars, and if you’re there, you’ll learn digital publishing solutions to all your problems.   Continue

3 Tips on Digital Advertising

New technology brings advertising opportunities for digital magazine publishers

Along with digital magazine publishing, digital advertising has experienced changes over the past few years. Publishers and marketers have the opportunity to create ads capable of interacting and engaging users through an array of mediums.

Below I’ve listed three tips for creating digital advertisements that will help you get on the same page with consumers and marketers.   Continue

Quality is Key in Digital Advertising

Four ways to provide quality content and increase digital advertising potential

Digital advertising success depends heavily on the quality of your content. Sure, getting thousands of visitors to your website is a great start, but providing quality content will entice audience members to return again.

Although engagement levels often drop after a few months, consistently providing great content will help you stay relevant to your audience. Here are a few ways to present your audience with quality content that will persuade them to visit your site often.   Continue

Digital Publishers: Get Social to Build your Audience

A look at the correlation between social sharing and links provides welcomed results

The relationship between SEO and social media is evolving. We can see this in changes Google has made to its algorithm, and the increasing use of social media.

After Google’s algorithm changes were confirmed, online business owners started to wonder how social signals were impacting search engine results. Google’s Matt Cutts made statements on the importance of social signals and ranking content, but concrete examples weren’t given. Since a lack of detailed information is common with Google, we weren’t too surprised.   Continue

How Content is Consumed on Mobile

Do you know where your mobile attention should be?

The mobile market is on the minds of media brands. This isn’t surprising since mobile devices are quickly becoming focal points of engagement. ExactTarget reports that 88 percent of smartphone users filter content with their mobile devices first, then reader through the content on their PC at a later time. Email is one important aspect to mobile device users, but it certainly is not the only one.   Continue

Using Many Platforms for Digital Publishing Success

More is better, but only when it benefits publisher and audience member

Earlier this year, social media integration in email was only used in about a third of small and medium-sized companies, according to GetResponse. Can you imagine that? Two thirds of those businesses were not taking advantage of cross promotion opportunities. Many of these companies had social media presence, but didn’t leverage it through email campaigns.   Continue

Digital Publishers Need to Produce High Quality Content

The digital magazine publishing industry needs great content to grow

Publishers understand the need for high-quality content. That need may have never been as important as it is now though.

With the digital publishing industry emerging, the actions of the pioneering publications – including digital book and digital magazine publishing – are under strict scrutiny from consumers and analysts alike.   Continue

Digital Magazine Sales Showing Promise

While digital magazines are still just a tiny piece of the revenue pie for most publishers, there is some growth to report on the number of readers buying digital editions. There is also an increasing number of media companies committing to a digital-first mentality.   Continue

Three Expectations From Tablet Users

Do your websites and digital products meet the expectations of tablet users?

Understanding what your audience members expect from their tablet experience is important to digital publishers. It’s even more important to take these expectations to heart and find a strategy that meets both your needs, and the needs of your audience.

Listed below are three expectations tablet users have for their tablet experience.   Continue

Updates Relevant in the Digital Magazine Publishing Market

New information on tablet usage and satisfaction can help lead to success in the digital magazine publishing market

Tablet owners are happy with their devices, regardless of the brand. This insight comes from a recent survey from TabLens, which reports the overall device satisfaction at 8.6 out of 10.

Interestingly enough, the satisfaction of the iPad reached 8.8, while the satisfaction of the Kindle Fire hit 8.7. Although the iPad has the largest chunk of the market, it seems that Kindle Fire users are nearly as satisfied as iPad users. Perhaps if these statistics get in front of potential tablet customers, there may be a more attention paid to the Kindle Fire, which is priced lower than the iPad.   Continue

Digital Subscriptions Growing for Some Publishers

Digital subscriptions are helping publishers succeed in times when advertising is high enough

With the economic problems of recent years, digital magazine publishers have had multiple issues to address.

First, they have taken to the digital frontier by creating subscription websites, audience development strategies, and digital one-off products that can be purchased on-site or through retail and affiliate partners. Many digital magazine publishers are currently in different states of this change.   Continue

Top Digital Magazine Publishing Articles of Spring 2012

Tips, changes, and growth for digital magazine publishing

I haven’t met too many people who dislike the summer. Hot nights, hotter days, and a week long vacation falls into the plans of many professionals who work hard year round.   Continue

Big Predictions for Digital Advertisers

If digital advertising goes along with your digital magazine publishing activities, you may want to consider these predictions

With all the technology available within the marketplace, it’s easy to wonder which advertising formats will garner the most attention in years to come. Advertisers and publishers alike want to pay attention to the ad formats that are most desirable, to create engage and generate revenue.   Continue

Tales of a Digital Publishing Packrat

From AOL dial-up to always-on-the-grid broadband in 19 years.

I started to do it a dozen times: cancel my AOL account and give up my treasured AOL screen name. Today I finally did it: I canceled my AOL account. The customer service representative noted that I had been a customer for 19 years. AOL was my professional and personal email identity for a number of years.   Continue

3 Areas Digital Magazine Publishers Can Improve

With digital magazine publishing strategies new to publishers, there are always a few improvements that can be made

The transformation into digital magazine publishing has required significant changes in a brief amount of time. Although many digital publishers have been catching up to market expectations, there are still areas in which they can improve digital magazine publishing efforts.   Continue

Prediction: Tablets Will Drive Mobile Ad Revenue

Digital magazine publishing success relies on advertising revenue

I could certainly believe that tablets will drive mobile advertising revenue once more tablets get in the hands of consumers. The design of the tablet makes interactive, media-rich advertising possible. But don’t just listen to my opinion, because I’m not the only one saying it.

The Yankee Group recently released a study that predicts by 2014 tablets will account for 53 percent of mobile advertising dollars. During this time, smartphones will account for 47 percent of mobile advertising dollars. By 2016, tablets’ share is expected to reach 60 percent.   Continue

Digital Magazine Publishing Growth Through Devices, Strategies

More people paying attention is part of the reason why digital magazine publishing is growing

The second quarter of 2012 has been impressive for tablet sales. Worldwide sales nearly topped 25 million, up 67% since the same time period last year. Apple’s iPad was the main tablet sold, as 17 million devices were sold during the quarter. Now, Apple has 68.3% of the global tablet market share, according to Strategy Analytics. This is the company’s strongest showing since the third quarter of 2010.   Continue

3 Digital Magazine Publishing Tips for Renewals

For digital magazine publishing success, there has to be correlation with your print publishing endeavors

Going from print to digital can be difficult for publishers who are so familiar with print. One of the big issues these publishers often face is bringing subscribers into the digital age too. Below are a few tips for digital magazine renewals.   Continue

A Tool to Use Alongside the Google Keyword Tool

UberSuggest will help you find some keyword phrases that Google may have missed

The Google Keyword Tool is very helpful in the process of keyword research, but like most other things, relying exclusively on one tool could be hurting your overall results. Perhaps Google’s Keyword Tool isn’t returning every aligned phrase that is beneficial to the audience of digital publishers.   Continue

Study Shares How Tablets, Smartphones are Used

Digital magazine publishing receives data on how mobile devices are used

What are some of the most pressing questions you have about mobile device usage? As digital magazine publishing heads to tablets and smartphones, digital publishers seek answers to how these devices will fit into their digital publishing strategy.

A study from ABI Research – Mobile’s Role in a Consumer’s Media Day: Smartphones and Tablets Enable Seamless Digital Lives – gauges responses from over 1,000 mobile device users.   Continue

Shopping Profiles of Tablet Owners

Research paints a picture of the current mobile device shoppers

Reaching audiences with products is a concern that digital publishers face. The introduction of mobile devices has shown a connection with shopping and researching while shopping in person.

What does a mobile device shopper look like? If this is a question you’ve been wondering, some data from ABI Research paints a picture for you.   Continue

3 Tips for Digital Publishing: Diving Deeper into Social

Digital magazine publishing utilizes social media to increase sharing opportunities; are you utilizing these three tips?

The presence of social media is all around us. Even when people aren’t actively engaging on a social network, they can have social experiences on websites and blogs. They can add their opinions to articles online and share their favorite content with their network of friends.   Continue

Analytics and Your Content – Finding True Value

Analytics only have value to those who know how to interpret the data

We’ve been talking about video content a lot lately because it is one of the cornerstones of online content creation. In the process of creating great online video content, some digital publishers have turned to private hosting websites because the associated analytics are more comprehensive. Amanda MacArthur has written about the differences between free and paid hosting sites in this article, in case you are interested in the topic.   Continue

For Online Publishers Approaching App Development

Do you suspect that a digital app resembling an optimized website will be of interest to your audience?

Usage, and continued usage in particular, has been varying for apps. Due to this trend, some digital publishers are hesitant about investing significant money into app development.

However, it isn’t the app itself that is unsuccessful in generating revenue and creating user engagement – it’s the app design.   Continue

3 Possible Changes Spurred by Tablet Publishing

Tablet usage and functionality may lead to changes, dictating how and when digital publishing distribute content

Tablets, and the iPad in particular, have become the digital edition of the daily news. More tablet owners are using their devices while relaxing at home in the evening after 5 pm. Typically, throughout the years we’ve seen this time of the evening to be when news is consumed through newspapers and television. Now the iPad is turning into the popular device to use.

Some interesting data has come from the 2012 RJI Mobile Media News Consumption Survey recently. Out of all the survey respondents, 40% consumed media on large tablets, primarily iPads. Here are some of the key insights most relevant to digital publishers:   Continue

5 Essentials for Digital Magazine Publishing Success

Digital magazine publishing tips from around the web

If you’ve already worked out the formatting, design and content structure of your digital magazine publishing efforts, then it’s time to consider some aligned essentials. Digital magazine publishing success relies on having great content and finding the most devoted audience members.

The following five digital magazine publishing essentials focus on ways to promote your content throughout digital platforms, and how to educate your audience about the digital magazines you offer.   Continue

A Product Opportunity in Digital Magazine Publishing

Have you considered this potential digital magazine publishing revenue stream?

What are you using your tablet for? Many are spending evening hours with their mobile devices, reading news and browsing the Internet. This habit alone creates some possibilities for digital magazine publishing success.   Continue

A Few Seats Remain – Last Chance to Register for Digital Publishing Bootcamp

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp will kick off in New York City next Tuesday, July 17. If you already have your seats reserved, you’re probably preparing questions to ask during the three-day program.   Continue

3 Ways Digital Magazine Publishing Has Changed

How presentation is evolving to make life easier for digital magazine consumers

Digital magazine publishing success relies on consistent adoption by audience members. In order to do this, connections need to be made, and steps benefitting the customer need to be taken.

Below, there are three advances taken by publishers who are focusing on providing the right audience experience, before and after purchase. Let’s take a look at these digital magazine publishing tips now.   Continue

5 Tips for Publishers Turning to Blogs

From print publishing to digital magazine publishing, a blog can be hard to start with a good strategy behind it

Some publishers are only familiar with providing content. They don’t necessarily understand how to share content in a blog that’s open to the entire Internet in hopes of building a robust audience.

To facilitate the creation of an audience development blog, here are five suggestions for providing content and interacting with your audience.   Continue

Digital Publishing Turns to Metrics

Being on top of consumer metrics wasn’t always a strong point for print publishers. Sales and reviews have been used to gauge interest, but metrics are now being used in new ways throughout the digital publishing landscape.

The foray into digital provides the chance to look at engagement numbers that publishers never had at their disposals before. Ideally, this data will help publishers plan future activities while allowing them to focus on the most popular content.   Continue

Are You Beginning the Journey Into Digital Magazine Publishing?

The road to digital publishing success is long, scenic, and freshly paved. With the help of a vibrant online community and growing markets of smartphones and tablets, publishers are regaining hope for content creation, sales, and distribution.

By now we realize it can be difficult to wrap your head around digital magazine publishing. There are a variety of steps that need to be addressed in order to prepare a proper digital publishing strategy.   Continue

Two Major Speakers Added to Bootcamp

Enlightening commentary from two significant industry experts will enhance your Digital Publishing Bootcamp experience

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp will provide a lot of data, tips, and insight over its three-day duration. However, not all of this content will come from Mequoda Group. We’ve brought experienced industry members into the fold to provide additional insight on digital publishing success.   Continue