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Archive for Digital Magazine Publishing

Digital Magazine Publishing posts focus on the digital revolution that is taking place for digital magazines.

In this section, you will find posts on components for creating and publishing the best digital magazines.

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Details Mag Reveals New Display Ad Network

Ad Week reports that Details has created Condé Nast’s first “male-targeted digital display ad network.” The magazine hired platform Style Coalition to administer the service for bloggers.   Continue

New Yorker Website Hires Ad Agency

On the heels of its recent site redesign, The New Yorker has hired an advertising firm to promote it. Ad Week reports that SS+K will first build a campaign around the magazine’s 90th anniversary, which is in February of 2015.   Continue

15 Digital Revenue Ideas for Target-Interest Magazine Publishers

How to generate more revenue as a target-interest magazine publisher
Our friend Carl Landau run the Niche Digital Conference. The conference is about generating more online and mobile revenue for niche magazines. Carl shared with us a list of 15 digital revenue ideas for target-interest magazine publishers from last year’s conference:

1. Create new content for your website,   Continue

Responsive Design Site Launched by Luxury Home Magazine

Luxury Home Magazine has announced that its new responsive design site represents a renewed commitment to full digital integration. The “largest publisher of market specific luxury real estate publications” released details of its revamped website via and Digital Journal earlier this week, touting a full compatibility with mobile and emphasis on strong social.   Continue

Storytelling in Advertising Important for Online Readers

Keith J. Kelly reports in a recent New York Post Media Ink column that two-thirds of online readers are looking for advertising that tells a story rather than pushing a product, according to an Interactive Advertising Bureau and Edelman Berland study. The results were based on data from 5,000 respondents.   Continue

Golf World Mag Goes All Digital

Starting next week, Condé Nast’s Golf World will go digital-only and be absorbed into the Golf Digest website, Ad Age reports. The magazine was acquired from The New York Times Company in 2001 and has printed 31 issues annually since. It will now see distribution as a newsletter 50 times a year on Monday mornings, Michael Sebastian writes.   Continue

Atlantic Digital Magazine Defense One Riding High

After just a year in existence, Atlantic Media’s Defense One will expand on both the business and editorial sides in response to its more than 600,000 unique visitors per month, 63,000 subscribers, and 22 ad clients.   Continue

The Forbes Digital Future Following Its Sale to IWM

Forbes Media Chief Product Officer Lewis DVorkin quickly took to the website recently to address the magazine’s digital future after its sale to Hong Kong-based Integrated Whale Media.   Continue

New Fortune Mag Editor to Focus on Mobile, Social

Time Inc.’s Fortune – which recently split online from – has named Alan Murray, formerly of the Pew Research Center and The Wall Street Journal, its new editor. Murray, who will succeed Andy Serwer, was recently interviewed by Ad Week, and he made it clear during the conversation that Fortune’s focus will be on the magazine’s digital presence.   Continue

Magazine Reading Experience Desirable for Digital

More and more, digital content providers are emulating magazines in both presentation and hiring practices in order to better impress readers and advertisers.   Continue

Cosmo Video Channel Launches

Hearst Digital Studios has unveiled its first offering: a subscription video channel through its property Cosmopolitan. CosmoBody will cost $9.95 per month, and will feature fitness and lifestyle content produced in collaboration with Mark Burnett’s Vimby Studios, Folio: reports.   Continue

Forbes Family Sells Majority Stake to IWM

The Forbes family announced late last week that it will sell a majority stake of Forbes Media LLC to the international investment firm Integrated Whale Media, led by Integrated Asset Management and based in Hong Kong. The family will retain a “significant” stake, and will still be involved in the company.   Continue

Native Ads Now a Priority for Time Inc.

Magazines like Entertainment Weekly, Money, Food & Wine, and Real Simple will get a boost from parent Time Inc.’s new native ads unit. The eight-person team will handle sponsored content for all of Time Inc.’s 25 properties, Ad Age reports. Sports Illustrated’s Chris Hercik will lead the editorial side, while Priya Narang will head up the business side.   Continue

Condé Nast Publishing Service Will Cater to Private Clients

Condé Nast will launch a UK-based multimedia division that gives new meaning to the term vanity press. Portrait will offer personalized books, glossy magazines, and digital projects to private clients across the world.   Continue

Platisher StackStreet: Forbes for Millennials?

Platform publisher StackStreet is banking that Generation Y wants to read about global business – and hoping that it can join rare company like Forbes.   Continue

Cosmo Website Redesigned, Refocused

Hearst’s Troy Young “explained how the new site is the product of a more nimble, easier to use, system. What readers will get is a sleeker site, which includes breaking news updates, a video banner, an infinite scroll of stories and advertisements that appear seamlessly between videos of male models cuddling kittens and buzzy stories on celebrities,” according to Women’s Wear Daily.   Continue

Tablet Statistics Show that Mobile Magazines Are Here to Stay – and Getting Stronger [+Video]

Digital apps are driving readership, traffic and profits: In the three years since the introduction of the iPad, it’s become clear that the tablet has rescued the magazine industry from the brink of destruction. Mequoda noted as early as 2011 that digital magazines had already become solidly profitable, led by Hearst Magazines and other forward-thinking publications such as The Economist.   Continue

Gus Wenner New Digital Head for Rolling Stone

In a move that is sure to thrill struggling journalists across the world, Gus Wenner, the 23-year-old son of Rolling Stone founder Jan, has been promoted to head of digital for Wenner Media, taking over for the recently promoted David Kang.   Continue

HSBC Ad Buy Encompasses New Yorker Mag

For the first time in its history, The New Yorker will feature a single advertiser “buying out” an entire issue. Financial giant HSBC will sponsor this week’s magazine, including print, web, tablet, and phone editions, according to Ad Week.   Continue

Williams’ Medium Relaunches Matter

Solidifying its status as a publisher to be reckoned with, Ev William’s long-form portal Medium has relaunched Matter, a digital magazine focusing on “in-depth journalism about the ideas that are shaping our future.”   Continue

Programmatic Ad Sales at the Economist Group

Publishers’ sales teams are facing challenges when it comes to the tech side of programmatic advertising. In response, the Economist Group has joined The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Meredith in bringing in “programmatic czars” to help with the transition, Digiday reports.   Continue

Henry Blodget, Business Insider: ‘Everything Is Evolving’

The digital success of Business Insider is due largely to the bold vision of its co-founder and editor, The Guardian reports in a profile of Henry Blodget.   Continue

Fortune Mag Triples Down on Digital

The site will publish upward of 90 pieces per day, according to Poynter. Meanwhile, sister brand Money will publish 20 to 30. Taken together, the magazines have hired more than 30 new staff members.   Continue

Bloomberg Ads Going Native

Digiday reports that Bloomberg is offering advertisers its number-crunching expertise to produce native ads from a platform called the Bloomberg Denizen.   Continue

Atlantic Cities Is Now CityLab

Ad Week reports that The Wire’s sister publication Atlantic Cities is being relaunched as CityLab.   Continue

Top 25 Digital Magazines by Digital Improvement

Who’s building digital circulation fastest? The top digital magazine performers are the under-the-radar companies you rarely read about
This is our final analysis (you’re welcome) of AAM’s latest circulation data from December 2013. So far we’ve looked at:

Top 25 by digital circulation
Top 25 by Online Media Index (OMI)
Top 25 by digital circulation as percentage of total   Continue

Trib Talk: Sponsored Content in Nonprofit Journalism

The Nieman Journalism Lab reports that Trib Talk, the Texas Tribune’s try at sponsored content, debuted yesterday.   Continue

Colin Bodell Leads Time Corporate Site Redesign

As it prepares to detach from Time Warner, Time Inc. is remaking its corporate website, and the move could signal a trend in the publishing industry.   Continue

Four Digital Magazine Best Practices from the May 2014 Mequoda Intensive

Digital magazine publishing changes from week to week, but last week, at our quarterly Digital Publishing & Marketing Intensive in Boston, we discussed digital magazine publishing opportunities in depth. The publishers we had the honor of sharing a room with – from niche consumer magazines to extremely niche B2B magazines – hailed from all over the country.   Continue

eBay Magazine Is in the Works

The pioneering auction site is now placing its bid on publishing, The Atlantic reports. In October of 2013, eBay launched a hiring hunt for writers, editors, and curators and started laying the groundwork for a digital magazine.   Continue

Good Mag Recommits to High-Quality Original Content

After laying off two-thirds of its editorial staff in 2012 to adopt a community publishing model – more a philosophical move than a financial one – Good Magazine has reversed course and is planning a hiring spree to restore high-quality original content.   Continue

Jet Mag Will Go Web-Only

Jet Magazine, first published in 1951, will cease printing in June and shift to an exclusively digital model, according to Ad Age.   Continue

Mequoda’s Top 10 Digital Magazine Publishing Posts

These digital magazine publishing posts dive into digital magazine creation, publishing, and monetization. They are currently our most popular articles about digital magazine publishing.   Continue

Mr. Magazine: Healthy Start for New Mags

The first trimester of 2014 saw 84 magazine launches and 187 special issues, according to Samir Husni of the University of Mississippi’s Magazine Innovation Center. Launches are slightly up, and special issues are slightly down.   Continue

Vox Editorial to Include Interview Transcript With Stories

Vox, the digital magazine headed up by erstwhile Washington Post wunderkind Ezra Klein, is adding a wrinkle to its articles that could add more dimension and clarity to its editorial content.   Continue

Top Digital Magazines by Percentage of Total Circulation

Last Tuesday we took a look at the 25 top magazines by digital circulation, according to data released by AAM for the period July-December 2013. That was a fun time, with several surprises.

Plain old Reader’s Digest turns out to have an awesome tablet magazine and leads all magazines in digital circulation. Unheralded American Media Inc., with its humble gossip magazines, OK! and Star, and its fitness magazines competing in a huge niche, Shape and Men’s Fitness, had as many representatives in the Top 25 as media titan Condé Nast.

NewFronts Brings Publishers, Ad Buyers Together

Next week will witness 21 companies try to woo media buyers at NewFronts with a showcase of content, format, and programming.   Continue

NatGeo Kids Leads the Way in Reaching Next Generation

Publishers are more evenly distributing resources among print, web, and mobile in order to attract more young readers, and one magazine in particular is providing a shining example.   Continue

Magazine Values Increase Over Time

Unlike other platforms’, magazines’ worth rise as the years go by. Think about it: Your first DVD player is a piece of junk these days, but the first issue of Playboy has gone from 50 cents to $4,000.   Continue

Who’s Winning the Tablet Magazine Wars?

It’s not who you might think

Now that AAM is allowing publishers to report their tablet magazine circulation separately, it’s become possible to track those who are leading the way in this small but growing segment.

And the news is startling.

We compiled the Mequoda 25 Top Tablet Magazines drawing on those magazines reporting their digital circulation to   Continue

Best New Magazines According to Library Journal

In a recent piece that outlines indicators of a magazine recovery, Library Journal also lists its best new magazines.   Continue

Hearst Advertising Deal Is a First for the Company

Hearst has secured an agreement with MINI USA, representing the largest digital-only deal in the history of the publisher’s Men’s Group.   Continue

Latest Moves: Magazine Publishing Teams Shift

Keith J. Kelly’s “Media Ink” column in the New York Post has included a lot of comings and goings lately.   Continue

OnEarth Magazine Going All Digital

Editor in Chief Douglas S. Barach and Online Editor Scott Dodd recently announced that OnEarth Magazine will switch to a monthly digital format and cease quarterly hard-copy production following its summer issue.   Continue

Condé Nast Embraces Native Ad Model

Though two of its principal brands – Wired and Vanity Fair – already utilize them, Condé Nast is officially adopting native advertising at scale.   Continue

Will It Soon Be Illegal to Photoshop Ads?

The answer to that question is no, but federal lawmakers will indeed be keeping a closer eye on magazines in the future.

Earlier this month, a congressional briefing titled “Truth in Advertising: The FTC’s Role in Protecting Consumers From Photoshopped Ads” took place on Capitol Hill in anticipation of H.R. 4341, or the Truth in Advertising Act. The bill is co-sponsored by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla.; Lois Capps, D-Calif.; and Ted Deutch, D-Fla.   Continue

Publishing Innovations Highlight WMMA Report

Publishers are literally sowing the seeds of innovation, according to the Worldwide Magazine Media Association.

As an example of magazines getting creative to gain purchase in the ever-shifting industry landscape, the WMMA cited Belgian magazine Humo’s inclusion of seeds in the pages of a 2013 issue. Humo encouraged readers to bury the pages, and those who did were rewarded with flowers eight weeks later.   Continue

Danny Seo Enters Niche Magazine Market

Starting out small and sticking to a niche concept: It’s a good thing.

Danny Seo, the “Green Martha Stewart,” is launching his new magazine, Naturally, in July. The Harris Publications property will focus on food, travel, health, and beauty and crafts – all from the point of view of environmental awareness and sustainability.   Continue

Hearst Cuts Country Living Ad Staff

In the wake of relocating its editorial operations – and revamping its editorial staff – a flagging Country Living is now without an ad department.   Continue

Condé Nast, Hearst Undergo Beautification

Condé Nast launched through its Glamour brand yesterday, while Hearst is rolling out Beauty Unbound across multiple properties this May, including Good Housekeeping, Harper’s Bazaar, and Town & Country.   Continue