Five Tips for Keeping Visitors on a Website and Getting Them to Take Action from Mequoda Group

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses how to keep visitors on your website and how to create successful sales letter landing pages

(Nationwide)—There is money to be made online. A key factor in doing so is getting visitors to stay on the website long enough to understand what information or products you provide.

Below are five tips that should be kept in mind while creating sales letter landing pages and working to keep visitors on the website:

-Sales Letter Landing Page Tip #1 – Keep it clean, efficient and focused: Choose a clean design with an easily understood focus. Use lots of white space and choose fonts and colors that are readable and comforting.

-Sales Letter Landing Page Tip #2 – Write strong, engaging headlines: A successful landing page will have a compelling headline that will grab the reader’s interest. The headline should be for a single product or service.

-Sales Letter Landing Page Tip #3 – Don’t make your readers wait: Design all websites to load quickly. If images are involved, optimize them with free online tools or software designed for image manipulation.

-Sales Letter Landing Page Tip #4 – Make it easy to navigate: A site that is easy to navigate will keep visitors there longer. Do not incorporate hard-to-read images or hard-to-find menus.

-Sales Letter Landing Page Tip #5 – Keep it fresh: Make sure all content is up-to-date. Content-based online publications should produce new content daily, or as close to daily as possible.

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