Improve Your Average Email Open Rates

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Improve Your Average Email Open Rates

Bristol, RI – October 9, 2009 – Learn how to improve your average email open rates in a new free special report from the Mequoda Group. This report details seventeen email subject line archetypes that have been proven to work.

Ever wonder why some of your emails get sent directly to the spam or junk box?  Or why your click through rates are so low? The 17 Best Email Subject Lines special report from Mequoda, a company that provides best practices for online publishers and marketers, is full of copywriting tips you can use to write compelling email subject lines that will improve your average email open rates.

First, you’ll learn what a good email open rate is and how to achieve it.  You’ll also find out what professional copywriters don’t want to share with you, but this report tells all.

Marketers can discover which email subject line archetype is right for each campaign. The 17 Best Email Subject Lines explains the difference between keyword, urgency, benefit, how-to, fascination, testimonial, targeted, hybrid and personalized email subject lines.

The Mequoda Group interviewed dozens of successful online publishers and content marketers who revealed their best practices.  Discover their secrets for writing effective email subject lines, which can improve open rates by 50%.

Publishers and marketers can visit to claim a free copy of The 17 Best Email Subject Lines.

The Mequoda Group teaches the best practices in online publishing and marketing. In-depth research and best practice guidelines are made available through a free email newsletter and blog, webinars, webinars on CD and on-demand, two annual live events and professional services.


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