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This free report from Mequoda Group discusses how online publishers can begin building subscription websites

(Nationwide)—There is a renewed interest in subscription websites. Online publishers and content marketers are seeing the value behind subscription websites as they are among the most profitable websites on the Internet.

Any content producer or online publisher that has a lot of great content to offer should consider whether or not a subscription website would be of benefit to them.

At its core, a subscription website is any website that withholds some amount of content from the user. In order to obtain the complete amount of content, users have to register. This process can cost money, or it may be completely free to do so, depending on the subscription model the publisher is using.

Since Internet users are often looking for content that makes their lives easier and more enjoyable, these subscription website business models can be incredibly lucrative for online publishers.

However, before blindly embarking upon the creation of a subscription websites, it’s important to realize that there are nine profitable subscription website business models that can be used for content-based online businesses.

These subscription website models include:

Subscription Website Archetype #1 – Newsletter.

Subscription Website Archetype #2 – Membership.

Subscription Website Archetype #3 – Magazine

Subscription Website Archetype #4 – Periodical

Subscription Website Archetype #5 – Application

Subscription Website Archetype #6 – Reference

Subscription Website Archetype #7 – Blog

Subscription Website Archetype #8 – Portal

Subscription Website Archetype #9 – Social Media

Some of these subscription website models are paid while others offer free content.

The Mequoda Group recently released a free white paper that discusses each of these subscription website business models at length.

For more information on the process of building subscription websites, including the nine most profitable types of subscription websites, start with Mequoda Group’s free Building Subscription Websites.

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