Strategic Intent for Subscription Websites

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses 14 guidelines for subscription website design

(Nationwide)—A website that meets the goals of both the users and the publisher is said to have a strong strategic intent. Users typically have one goal: to answer a question they have or fulfill a need of theirs. Information or products can usually help them achieve the goal.

For publishers, there is usually a combination of three goals: generating ad revenue, selling products and building an email marketing lists.

The websites with the strongest strategic intent clearly displays the action to be taken. For subscription websites, immediately offering free trial subscriptions to new users is a good way of fulfilling the goal. An order form in editorial (OFIE), order form in navigation (OFIN), or a floater are good methods for capturing email address.

Users who are looking for informative content can easily sign-up for a free trial membership to see if the answers they seek are included in the membership. If the publisher successfully offers the information the users are looking for, there is a great opportunity to grow the circulation of subscribers by up-selling to the paid version of the membership.

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