Utilizing a Keyword Strategy for Online Publishing

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses strategies for online publishing that can help develop multiplatform brands

(Nationwide)—These are a few questions to ask when working on a keyword strategy. For instance, what are people searching for online that your product or service will help them answer? To understand to the fullest what people are searching for and where you can fit in with the competition, it’s important to do keyword research.

There are a few different methods online publishers can use to determine keyword popularity, competition and strategy.

One way is to use the Google Keyword Tool to see how many times per month, and consequently throughout a year, a specific keyword phrase is searched for. The Google Keyword Tool will also give examples of related keywords that may also be relevant to your audience.

Another strategy for finding the competition on specific keyword phrases is to search for the phrase in Google with quotation marks around it. This will show you exact listings for the phrase with the words in the correct order.

Finally, determine the keyword competitive index by taking the number of annual searches for a term and divide it by the number competing pages. If the resulting number is a 1 or above, then there is a good chance of ranking well on that keyword phrase.

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