WatchTime Publisher Spearheads World Bicycle Relief

I got a note earlier this week from Dominik Grau, publisher of WatchTime USA. Dominic is a very busy guy. With his finger in publishing operations on three continents and participation in graduate studies programs at Harvard and Stanford, you’d think that would pretty much take up all his time. Apparently not. He’s also part of the volunteer group that is raising money to send bicycles to Africa. I asked him to send me information about the program and a quick bio on his publishing background which I think is fascinating.

If in the process you decide, as I have, to help out with the fundraising, all the better.

The ride to happiness – Harvard students raise money for the World Bicycle Relief

A team of Harvard students from Europe, India and North America has partnered with the World Bicycle Relief (WBR) to provide bikes for those in need in rural Africa. The goal is to raise $4,000 until the end of April which equals 30 new bikes. According to the WBR’s mission, one bike can change the life of a whole family by enabling access to health care and education. Instead of walking tens of miles every day the family members can now use a bike and access the most basic resources. The WBR is currently focusing its efforts on young adults, teachers and healthcare workers with a special emphasis on women.

Founded in 2005, the WBR has become one of the most successful organizations of its kind. To date more than 100,000 bikes have been donated to rural areas in Africa. Over 80 employees across six countries help the WBR to realize its vision and mission. The Harvard students are proud to support the WBR in its efforts and are now raising funds from all over the world.

The Harvard project is part of a management class focused on virtual teams, the members are graduate and post-grad students. Prof. Myra S. White from the Harvard Medical School, who leads the class, has been a supporter of the World Bicycle Relief for many years. The fundraising concept is a real-life test for the theoretical scenarios and the workflows that the class has studied together with Prof. White.

To support the Harvard class fundraising project, go to:

To learn more about the Harvard team and its fundraising mission, please contact:

Dominik Grau
Media & Press Relations
Harvard Class World Bicycle Relief Fundraiser

Dominik Grau is a student of the program in strategic management at Harvard University’s Extension School. He also studies in a management program at Stanford University. Since 2011, Dominik Grau serves as the managing director and publisher of Ebner Publishing International, Inc., in New York City.

Prior to working with Ebner he served as the director of the German digital consumer business of the world’s leading IT/technology media company, IDG Communications. Grau was honored with the company’s best practice award in 2009. Before joining IDG he worked as an editor-in-chief at Hubert Burda Media, one of Europe’s largest publishing groups, where he started his career as a trainee in 2003.

While working in Germany, Grau was a board member of the Young Journalists Unit of the German Journalists Association; a member of the Social Media Workgroup of the Association of the Telecommunications, IT and Hightech industry, BITKOM; and a member of the Tablet Publishing Workgroup of the German Publishers Association, VDZ. After graduating from the Finsterwalder School of Economics in 2001, he studied at the University of Munich. He holds certificates from the UB School of Management and the ABP. Dominik Grau is a Paul Harris Fellow of the Rotary Club of New York.


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