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Tag: access challenge landing page

Access Challenge Landing Pages are the landing pages that a user encounters when trying to access premium (member-only) content from a site for which they are not a member, or for which they are not signed-in.

Dedicated Landing Page Templates

The sole purpose of a dedicated landing page is to get that order.

Dedicated landing pages are designed to receive targeted website traffic and convert users into buyers or subscribers. They may attract organic traffic, but are dedicated to converting traffic, regardless of the source.

Generally traffic arrives at dedicated landing pages via links from sources the publisher controls, such as PPC (pay-per-click), affiliate advertising, or paid advertising.

To date, the Mequoda research team has identified six unique variations on the dedicated and hybrid landing pages:

Organic, Dedicated and Hybrid Landing Pages – Oh My!

It isn’t enough to know how to design a landing page, you should also understand why writing for the web is not the same as writing for print

Hybrid Landing Page Templates: Access Challenge Landing Page

Effective membership websites employ an access challenge landing page that teases users with a snippet of the content that awaits them beyond the turnstile.

Private, exclusive, premium and paid-only vs. visible, available and accessible. The conundrum for membership website has long been how to have it both ways.

The idea of a pay-for-access website appeals to everyone who owns valuable, premium content. And it’s a viable business model for some publishers. But what if visitors and potential paying customers can’t find your site and its members-only content?

Access Challenge Landing Pages

Access Challenge Landing Pages are the landing pages that a user encounters when trying to access premium (member-only) content from a site for which they are not a member, or for which they are not signed-in.

12 Master Landing Page Templates

Download our new report (for free) and learn how to maximize your Internet marketing conversion rates by using the right landing page template for the job
A landing page is an indispensable component of your online marketing campaign. We define it as any webpage where you and your users begin a mutual transaction.

The end goal of a landing page can be to get users to:

Live Coverage: Mequoda Summit Session 6 – Designing Effective Media Websites

12 Webpage Templates Used by Today’s Top Publishers to Convert and Monetize the Most Visitors

Manage Visitors to Maximize Conversion

Send visitors to the front door, not the window

There are dozens of goals shared by Internet marketers across the globe.

Somewhere at the top of almost everyone’s list is “increase visits to the website.”

It is probably on your list, but is your website ready for a surge of visitors?

As we discussed yesterday, not every website is.

To ensure that your website is ready, a system has to be in place that directs users to webpages that are designed to answer their needs.

Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report is Difficult to Join

The Internet is a constantly evolving medium. Websites get redesigned, either owing to new graphics, new content, or because the essential architecture is inadequate to serve the site visitors.

If the human factors haven’t been properly addressed — if visitors can’t easily find what they’re looking for or can’t order your product easily — you’ve got insurmountable problems that mandate you to re-engineer your website. The issue here is website usability.

In the time since we first published a review of the landing page for Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report, some elements have been redesigned, but some have only gotten worse.

An Access Challenge Landing Page Worthy of the New York Times

TimesSelect generated more than a half million new subscribers in its first 12 months

After previously having offered access to its archived content for free, and charging only for access to its celebrated, syndicated columnists, a new revenue model has emerged at the New York Times.

The Times now offers three levels of information. At the lowest level, most of the current day’s news is available without charge to all The New York Times website visitors.