Live Coverage: Mequoda Summit Session 6 – Designing Effective Media Websites

12 Webpage Templates Used by Today’s Top Publishers to Convert and Monetize the Most Visitors

According to Mequoda research, there are twelve master website page templates than any publisher uses.

They are organized by two types: Organic and Dedicated.

An organic landing page is a landing page that is attracting traffic naturally by google, with the main objective to get an email address. It includes the home page, topic page, article page, tag index, tag page, and author page.

A dedicated landing page is a landing page that’s primary purpose is to sell a product. It includes a rapid conversion (or name-squeeze) page, salesletter page, upsell page, access challenge (or blocker) page, priority code page, and marketplace page. According to Don, on average an organic webpage gets about a 3-5% conversion rate while a dedicated landing page receives about 20%. Home Page Example:

Topic Page Example: Canadian Living – Health

Article Page: Men’s Health – Is She the One for You?

Tag Index Page: People – Celebrities

Tag Page: People – Heidi Klum

Author Landing Page: – Sarah E. White

Rapid Conversion Landing Page: Golf Vacation Insider – The Castle Course

Sales Letter Landing Page: – Investing in Water

Upsell Landing Page: Knitting Daily (sign up for the email newsletter to see)

Access Challenge Landing Page: Consumer Reports – Fabric Softener Ratings

Priority Code Landing Page: Student Health 101

Marketplace Landing Page: Ceramic Arts Daily: Bookstore

On article pages, our example of Men’s Health and what we call their “Story Nav” like you’ll see here resulted in a 78% increase in page views per month according to Don. He described Topic Pages as the primary second navigation. “30-40% of all users will enter through a topic page.” He also described the Tag Index page as “a pre-programmed search page, a page about pages, usually auto-generated.”


Valuable tools that Don mentioned during this session: – Free open-source blogging and configurable content management software
WordPress Plugins – Free and custom applications built for the WordPress platform

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