Manage Visitors to Maximize Conversion

Send visitors to the front door, not the window

There are dozens of goals shared by Internet marketers across the globe.

Somewhere at the top of almost everyone’s list is “increase visits to the website.”

It is probably on your list, but is your website ready for a surge of visitors?

As we discussed yesterday, not every website is.

To ensure that your website is ready, a system has to be in place that directs users to webpages that are designed to answer their needs.

Otherwise visitors will enter your website through its cellar doors and windows as often as they enter its front door.

Part of developing that system is making sure your traffic sources are sending users with clear goals—like signing up for an email newsletter or buying a membership.

The other part is designing pages to receive those users and fulfill their goals as well as possible.

These webpages are called landing pages. They all serve as a front door to your online business, and they are vital to succeeding online.

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One type of landing page is the Access Challenge Landing Page. These ask users for a password or an email sign up before accessing firewalled information.

There are also Sale Letter Landing Pages, which are similar to print sales letters and can be quickly edited and used for direct mailings.

These two landing pages are only part of the eight classifications of landing pages we’ve identified.

All eight classifications have unique goals and best practice design guidelines that we’ve developed and can teach you to start raising your conversion rates.

Using landing pages is the only way to ensure that you are converting as many users as possible.

If you want to perfect or start your system of landing pages and start driving up your conversion rates, you can purchase our Landing Page Driven Internet Marketing video seminar. You’ll learn how to design landing pages that profitably handle your website traffic.


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