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Tag: email subject lines

The Best Bait-and-Switch Email Copywriting Trick

Don’t pull tricks in your email subject lines unless it benefits the user

Great open rates don’t always lead to great conversions. Trying to pull a sneak attack on your users that have chosen to give up their valuable email address in exchange for your information does not build a healthy relationship. The moment a user starts seeing you as trying to sell them instead of trying to provide them with valuable information, they’ve already started moving their mouse to the “delete” button.

In fact, many people who use email clients like Outlook and Apple Mail, will skim their overfilled inbox with one eye on the new emails and their clicking finger on the delete button. “Inbox Zero” is the latest fad in getting people to ignore and delete as many emails as possible.

Week in Review: January 10th, 2011 – January 14th, 2011

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Increasing Open Rates With Better Email Subject Lines

Email copywriting tips for getting your emails opened

The industry average for open rates is 20%. We can agree, because our open rates and those of our clients (though some are much higher) range around 20%. Now you’ll find all kinds of fun information about open rates and how inaccurate they can be (like 11% to 35% inaccurate), due to things out of your control, but this particular blog is about what is within your control – your email subject line.

Email Copywriting Tips for New Editors

You’ve been promoted to online editor and email copywriter. Now what?

So you’re a new online editor. You’ve been transported from the print team and are assigned the studious task of writing daily blogs and sending email newsletters. The problem, is that this whole advertorial thing is new to you. How can you uphold your editorial integrity while selling a product?

It’s simple. Don’t loose your focus on the reader. Even a promotional email or advertorial should help the reader in some way. Even if you’re selling a product, you should give away enough information, or a simple tip that will make your email worth reading.

Tis the Season for Email Copywriting

This year, add some ‘holiday cheer’ to your email promotions

The holiday season is always a time of wonder. Children begin to wonder what they will get as a gift; Parents wonder how much it will cost; and online retailers wonder if their online stores will be the destination for shoppers.

If Cyber Monday was an indication of this year’s holiday sales, online retailers may be rejoicing since over $1 billion was spent online in total that day.

Shhh… Here’s How to Get Email Marketing Secrets from the Pro’s

Don’t just pay attention to the email marketing experts – pay attention to the email delivery experts too!

In addition to this here Mequoda blog, there are some hidden gems that I always look to when I’m doing email marketing research. These blogs are actually the blogs of the email service providers (ESP’s) themselves.

Some ESP’s will simply give you updates of their services, while better ones will actually give you insight into how to create better email marketing campaigns.

Week in Review: November 8th, 2010 – November 12th, 2010

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Three Favorite Email Subject Lines – What Are Yours?

It’s OK to borrow email marketing subject lines when they’re good

The average Internet user is bombarded with dozens if not hundreds of email subject lines every day. Most of us have developed an anti-headline defense and tune out when we sense an email subject line is trying to sell us something.

However, since we are marketers, we have an advantage over the average consumer to be able to identify which subject lines stand out to us amongst the clutter of our own email inboxes.

Effective Email Copywriting: Start With the Subject Line

How many of your emails end up in the trash?

It doesn’t matter how great your email is or how hard you worked on it, if it doesn’t get opened and read, it has no value. Having said that, the most important aspect of effective email copywriting is a good subject line.

Creating an irresistible subject line is more difficult than it sounds. Don’t write it like a sales pitch, describe what’s inside or a benefit to the reader. When you describe the subject of your email, your email subject line will be more effective.

The email subject line should describe the subject of your email, make sense? While it’s impossible to get every email read, that is still our goal.

Try to state a benefit and create curiosity for best results. Urgency, benefit, and brand recognition are all compelling reasons to read your email. Effective email copywriting will improve your open rates and build relationships.

5 Quick Tips for Getting More Emails Opened

Email marketing tips for email marketers who want their emails read

Email subject lines are the digital equivalent of print media headlines. The best email subject lines persuade the user to open and read the messages that follow. Even if you’ve created the most profound and click-through worthy email newsletter or promotion ever written, you still need to get someone to open your email first. If they don’t open, then all your effort was wasted.

Hands-Off Twitter Add-Ons For Your Landing Pages

Try adding a “Tweet It” button to your landing page templates

By adding social media elements to your landing pages, you’re taking the hands-off approach and letting your customers pass the word along on their own.

If you have something important to pass along, like a free book, webinar or other type of product, you can try incorporating “Tweet It” buttons on your website.

SIPA Member Profile: Coleman Lends Air to Success

Bob Coleman, Publisher, Coleman Publishing, La Canada, Calif.

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
COLEMAN: Management trainee position with a West Coast bank. After a few twists and turns, I became a small business lender. It was in Hollywood that I became aware of the newsletter industry. People come together for a project, then disband. There are a number of vehicles and opportunities that allow people to network and to stay in tune with various industry niches. My “ah ha” moment came when I needed some information and asked around for the small business lending “industry” newsletter. It didn’t exist. Thinking it would be easy and romantic to write for a living, I quit my job and started working from the kitchen table.

Week in Review: September 6th, 2010 – September 10th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

3 Quick Email Copywriting Tips You Can Use Today

Writing better email subject lines means getting more emails read and products sold

Email copywriting doesn’t just mean writing great sales copy. Before anyone even gets to your email newsletter or promotion, you need to do a good enough job at getting them to open the email newsletter first.

You could have written an award-winning article on how to cure cancer, and it won’t be read unless you write a headline that gets people to open it.

5 Ways to Improve Email Newsletter Delivery and Open Rates

It’s important that your email newsletter is delivered to the “inbox”, not the “spam” folder

If your email newsletter doesn’t get delivered to the recipient’s inbox, the chances of it being read are slim to none.

The email newsletter should include a prominently placed white list request. Getting through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and most email service providers (ESP) is the easy part. Getting through filters on the recipient’s desktop is best accomplished by permission. Due to this, your best bet here is to ask readers to “white list” you by adding your email newsletter’s “from address” to their address book.

Free Report: Email Copywriting Basics

Tips that will help editors and publishers create better email subject lines so their emails get read

These Tips Will Get Your Email Read

Valuable information on email copywriting

Wisdom from 3 of America’s Top Copywriters

What you can expect from Mequoda Pro’s Email Subject Line Smackdown webinar

An Email Subject Line Tip from a Real Pro

“The more your copy talks about the reader, they more they will read”

Improve Your Average Email Open Rates

Ever wonder why some of your emails get sent directly to the spam or junk box? Or why your click through rates are so low? The 13 Best Email Subject Lines special report from Mequoda, a company that provides best practices for online publishers and marketers, is full of copywriting tips you can use to write compelling email subject lines that will improve your average email open rates.

Tis the Season for Holiday Themed Email Subject Lines

How publishers are using Seasonal email subject lines this time of year to sell more products and increase email open rates

Meet Our Panel of Email Subject Line Smackdown Experts!

Take part in our Email Subject Line Smackdown and test your email subject line prowess against 3 of America’s top copywriters

New Webinar: Email Subject Line Smackdown

Invest 90 minutes discovering the secrets to email subject line creation and continuous improvement

Master the “Targeted” Email Subject Line

Use targeted subject lines when you want to maximize email conversion rates

Email Subject Line Smackdown

This informative Mequoda webinar on creating and testing email subject lines explains the best practices for defeating email subject line spam filters and for tracking which email subject lines perform best for your products and services.

Should You Ask A Question in Your Email Subject Lines?

Ask a question in your email newsletter, and the reader will be inclined to respond

Three Quick Things You Can Do Right Now to Drive Website Traffic To An Article

Take a minute and try these three simple traffic-driving strategies you can use to attract more readers to your featured article of the day

8 Best Practices for Email Newsletter Publishers

Create an email newsletter that aligns your editorial content with your promotional message while serving the needs of your readers

Watch All of Our Webinars On-Demand… Right Now!

Webinars now available on-demand in Mequoda Pro, our training library for online publishers and marketers

Get Your Email Marketing Kit from Mequoda (it’s free!)

Download these three free white papers and sending more effective email newsletters and promotions.

Write Effective “How-To” Email Subject Lines to Increase Open Rates

One part BENEFIT and one part HOW-TO equals an intriguing and persuasive email subject line

Email Marketing

FREE White Paper: Download The 17 Best Email Subject Lines: Using the 17 Mequoda Email Subject Line Archetypes to Improve Your Average Email Open Rates.

Email Marketing

FREE White Paper: Download The 17 Best Email Subject Lines: Using the 17 Mequoda Email Subject Line Archetypes to Improve Your Average Email Open Rates.

SiPA Coverage: Write Better Subject Lines!

Bob Bly shares his tips for writing subject lines that get your email opened and read at SiPA’s 32nd Annual International Newsletter & Specialized-Information Conference

Don’t feel bad if no one opens your emails

It’s happening to all publishers as open rates continue to drop across all industries. Luckily, the email service providers have stepped in to shed some light on the situation.

Two of the most important delivery rate factors are the “from” address and the subject line. However, if you want your emails to get opened, your subject line has two tests to pass: the spam checker, and the email checker. You want your email to get delivered, but you also want it to get opened.