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What you can expect from Mequoda Pro’s Email Subject Line Smackdown webinar

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the copywriting scene, or if you’ve been immersed in it for years, there is something to gain from the Email Subject Line Smackdown webinar.

I certainly did, as a wealth of knowledge was bestowed upon me while attending.

The Content

The webinar began with introductions, statistical data on subject line open-rates, and some very useful copywriting tips from Peter Fogel, Mark Johnson and Peter Schaible. The importance of proper grammar and word usage came up, and even after knowing it for years, I feel their insightful reaffirmation will stick with me.

The most practical detail portrayed throughout the 90 minutes was the power that subject lines have. They are truly the equivalent to print media headlines and ultimately the key to getting your email read.

Similarly, the length of the email subject line is necessary to keep in mind. For all the wordy copywriters out there, really take note of this. An ideal length for a subject line is between 45 and 51 characters. Some email systems, including AOL and Hotmail, will truncate messages over this, potentially lowering your open-rate.

After all this information, the topic changed to the type of subject line archetype that is favored by each member.

The subject line archetypes involved in the selection process were directly taken from our free white paper The 17 Best Email Subject Lines.


Of course it’s true that certain types of subject lines work better than others depending on the audience being catered to. Also, some copywriters may be extremely talented at creating a certain subject line archetype, so they will prefer to work with what they know best.

However, each panelist still chose a specific archetype, or archetypes, they deemed as the best and elaborated on why they made the selection.

Even though favorites were chosen, one notion discussed by the panelists is the need to not limit your mindset while considering these archetypes. Keep opportunities open for hybrids, which are multiple archetypes used together. This strategy may yield some of the best subject lines.

The Smackdown

Personally, the part of the webinar I found most intriguing was the Smackdown portion. Prior to the webinar, attendees were asked to submit subject lines they’ve used in the past. Then the panelists individually wrote their own alternative subject lines.

Each subject line was displayed and discussed. This is where attendees got the opportunity to experience the mindset behind each copywriter and why he chose the approach taken in writing the alternate subject lines. Not only are lessons taught but physical examples are also used to show the theories behind the art of copywriting.

After each panelist discussed his subject line, the webinar attendees were asked to vote for the one they liked the most. A modified subject line from the panelists consistently received the most votes amidst interesting side-notes and amusing banter.

Multiple subject line examples were used throughout, to ensure a variety of responses and archetypes used.

The Email Subject Line Smackdown is a must see for any copywriter or email marketing manager out there today. The information revealed will offer you test ideas for your own campaigns. Often times, a simple edit to an otherwise effective subject line can make a big difference in open rates. To view this webinar on demand, and 15 other educational webinars, join Mequoda Pro today.


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