3 eCommerce Tips for 2011

Strategies online publishers are using or considering in modern times

Sometimes commerce strategies emerge online that are truly remarkable by reaching consumers in right place.

For instance, mobile’s reach is enormous and has aided in sales for retailers. The iPad and subscription websites have also aided in creating better experiences for audiences. Below you will find more information on how mobile, the iPad and subscription websites have helped generate revenue in 2011.

-Mobile: Two things to consider for the world of mobile includes optimizing your website for mobile and offering mobile apps. Some companies haven chosen to do both, as the popularity in mobile usage has grown. For instance, according to ABI Research, in 2010 mobile online shopping grew to $3.4 billion. This number was up from $1.4 billion in 2009.

According to eMedia Vitals, CNN is developing for both mobile web and mobile apps as this is a logical strategy for mainstream audiences. Niche publishers should consider your audience while deciding which direction to go for development.

-iPad: iPad owners have been consuming more content because of the user-friendly device. According to Mark Johnson, CEO of the iPad aggregator Zite, was quoted by eMedia Vitals saying the iPad is “info-tainment”. Publishers are hoping that this characteristic will help them make more money by offering high-quality, entertaining content to their digital audiences.


-Subscription websites: Paywalls have been put up by some large publishers, most notably The New York Times. Operating a subscription website offers online publishers a sustainable source of income and may be gaining in popularity due to the iPad. Currently, the circulation of newspaper’s digital has increased by 20%

Many Mequoda System Publishers offer a large amount of free content, and also offer subscription options that include premium content. At the Mequoda Daily, we offer free content in the form of articles, podcasts and reports, and incorporate a subscription product, Mequoda Pro, that offers live educational webinars and on-demand to our archived database.

Furthermore, James McQuivey, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, recommended building a subscription website at MPA’s Digital E-reading event in March. He cited the need to keep pressure on Apple and to create a direct to consumer alternative.

Doing so also helps magazines create a database of their audience members.

What methods are you using to generate commerce online? What do you think will be popular in the future? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


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